What Fragrance do you use

what fragrance,cologne,deo do you use most.
i use in winter or Dior homme intense or Dolce gabanna the one eux de parfume.
after 5 years wearing chanel allure sport extreme i switched to chanel allure edition blanche these spring

None. Just the normal underarm foo foo spray.

Dove soap in the shower.

We had the same thing in April.

Maybe @Richard.Dane could open the previous thread and merge them.

This is a totally different question. What fragrance do you use, not what are your favourite fragrances. If you remember, people where posting stock photos of aftershaves on their wish list, not many actual photos of actual bottles of actual aftershave.

A bit of goat sorts the pits out for me.


Pois de Fromage


I’m sure that’s the way to go, when you’re out and about, trying to attract goats. :grinning:

My going out aftershave and my staying in aftershave.

I’m actually using these. They’re not just on my wish list. :innocent:

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It’s been a long day, I’m tired and it’s late where I am. Plus, I couldn’t resist. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Perhaps it’s just how I feel about the new name for Lynx Africa. They called it “Greatest Of All Time”, and they also refer to it as GOAT. :joy:

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A heady, home developed, mix of Brute & High Karate.

I think it’s irresistible. Surprised I have never met anyone else who finds it so…

Aramis 900 - not easy to find these days.

Oh what a Coincidence. :scream:
Your username and my smelly stuff. :joy:


Prada Blue Ocean.
My favourite at the moment. Has everything I like in a scent but with a subtle unique twist.

I’m slightly dyslexic.

I did initially think that read JIZZ. :grin:

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Looks like it too it’s white. :scream: :joy:


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I’m using Johnny Depp’s Sausage

Sorry Savage by Dior I think

Not very long lasting.

Mt fav is Terre D’Hermes

As long as the sausage. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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Eau de chip butty!!!

I use Aramis. My wife likes it. My girlfriend? … not so much …

Your girlfriend doesn’t like a Greek God??

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