What’s your favourite perfume/fragrance?

My favourite perfume is the original Eau Pour Homme by Armani, unfortunately no longer available and the replacement is nowhere near as pleasant.

What’s your favourite Perfume/fragrance?

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Issey Miyaki Pour Homme
The Original. I have tried some of the variants and am not a fan of any of them, but I’ve used the original for ever…

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No contesht, shurely? :scotland: :rofl:


You’re itching to post the videos aren’t you!


I used Aramis 900 for over 30 years, but it had become increasingly difficult to find. I managed to get half a dozen bottles from the USA a couple of years ago, but I cannot find the site any more to replace them. So I have switched to Aramis Devin, which is similar, and I’m adjusting to that.

My then girlfriend a few years back always used Ivoire de Balmain. I occasionally smell someone else wearing it, which takes me right back.


Burndy Pour Homme.



Olfactory stimuli are so powerful aren’t they! Perfumes just trigger memories of past associations.

Interestingly my first girlfriend purchased me Aramis aftershave one year. Used it for quite some time. I don’t recall Aramis 900 though.


You’d expect minor variations in the aroma from different batches.

My recent preference is Dior’s Sauvage:

I’m not sure the latest bottle is quite as good as the older one though.


Funny you should say that. I had given myself plenty of spritzes of Sauvage Elixir and it seemed very nice with good longevity.

I got a bottle as a gift (from a reputable store) and it does not seem as potent as it seemed to be.

I have quite a lot of edp/edt ranging from Creed to David Beckham, but I have to say this

is a quality scent that I bought around 2007-ish, and I still have some left. At £65 for 100ml it is excellent vfm


Very 80s… but always liked Farenheit.

All academic now as bastard Covid stole my sense of smell and still has not returned it.

Oh, that’s horrid. Do you know if your sense of smell will come back?


I’ve been wearing this since my first school disco when I was 15, why change now? I break out the Old Spice for special occasions though.


Graham, the longer it goes on, the more unlikely I think.

Sorry to hear it’s not returned.

I guess there are many regions which the virus might have impacted from the olfactory nerves themselves to more central brain regions which process the sense of smell.

Potentially interesting:


I used to wear Kourus for a while but found it a bit too musky for my taste. The new formula for the Armani is rather too “sweet” and not worth the 95 quid asking price. Mind you, I would have paid that for the original one.

I used to love Aramis 900 back in the day and the striped bottle was very stylish, or so I thought anyway.
These days I’ve moved on to less mainstream fragrances. A current favourite is Electric Wood by Room 1015. It’s supposed to be inspired by vintage guitars. It certainly has a woody/leather scent.

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For many years this has worked for me…


:flushed: :flushed: :man_shrugging:

I presume that the thread question is about using on oneself, as opposed to favourite to smell on someone else.…

I have a bit of a problem with fragrances: first of all finding something I like, which is very difficult because I don’t like to smell like everybody else, while most fragrances for men I think are pretty diabolical (my preference is perhaps a reflection of my taste in music). The second problem I have is that usually when I find one I like it gets discontinued pretty soon after by the manufacturer!

My last real favourite is a case in point: it was discontinued by the manufacturer only a couple of years after I found it: Montana by Claude Montana. It has resurfaced fairly recently, no longer associated with Claude, and it is a pale imitation, superficially similar at first but the finish is feeble: no staying power,. And they’ve introduced other, completely different, men’s fragrances, awful to my nose.

Every time I travel I sample fragrances in the duty free shops, and some are bearable but nothing captures my nose (and at various times I think I’ve tried every man’s fragrance there has been available in such outlets, though not the newest) say past 5 years or so). For the rime being I am making do with a concoction I found acceptable on a temporary basis: CK Escape for Men with about 10% Escape for Women added.

You are correct but all contributions are welcome. I for one cannot stand the smell of Samsara because I find it extremely overpowering and it does affect my breathing when someone is nearby wearing it.