What is the latest music you've downloaded where did you buy it and in what resolution?

Neil Young | Chrome Dreams | Qobuz | 24/192 | FLAC
Favourable comments on the forum tipped me over the edge to acquire this one.


ProStudioMasters | Flac | 24-96 for DT | 24-192 for Jacqueline du Pré and boyd meet girl.
I discovered Elgar lately, and I love cello. DuPré is a great performer. Second album from boyd meet girl. The duo, cello/guitar is really nice.


Darkroom | Water Like Mbira | bandcamp | 24/44.1 | FLAC
Some electronic progressive ambient sounds.

Dedicated to Jeff Beck (1944-2023) and remembering Doreen Ellen (1930-2009)

Dihdalah | Threshold 発端 | bandcamp | 16/44.1 | FLAC

“Since 2013, Dhidalah has hailed from the Tokyo underground as a space rock power trio. The band name derives from the Japanese legend of the Giant Gods — known as the creators of mountains, lakes and islands. Dhidalah plays improvisational music performances inspired by various genres from stoner/doom to kraut rock.” - The band’s blurb

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Upping my holdings in the Oolu Space Jam Collective.
Copper Conductor | Lungworm | bandcamp | both 24/44.1 | FLAC

I haven’t heard these two new ones yet (I only have Harvest Sage). must queue them up sometime this week


west-side-trio-alternate-realities-cover-300-high-res West Side Trio Alternate Realities

West Side Trio is a string trio 2.0

On Alternate Realities, West Side Trio defies musical categorization by adding an endless innovative stream of colors and nuances to the idiom.
Exploring all the possibilities of the instruments they signify that a string trio is also; wood, voice, cables, effect pedals, and amplifiers.
In short their own musical world. But what I find the most remarkable is that; while investigating all these different avenues, they create a world where the tune is the most important;
it’s never; “Look what a cool effect I’ve found” but always; “check how this sound enhances the mood of the music.”


Ian Boddy | Chance Delay | bandcamp | FLAC | 24/44.1

This is a solo ambient modular soundscape from Ian Boddy showcasing the features of this module. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes it shows Boddy using the Chance Delay to organically play with time and randomness. Fundamentally this module can govern the chance that an event will occur or not but it can also be used in a myriad of rhythmically interesting ways, as well as to go outside the boundaries of it’s initial design intention by mutating and transforming audio signals… Part of the bandcamp blurb

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Tabo Tago | Sessions 011 - 20230721 Wall Symposium | bandcamp | 24/48 | FLAC

A studio session recorded on July 21, 2023, Berlin, Germany.
The session was recorded in one go, with no overdubs and no pre-arrangements.

The subject of this current release is an untitled sculpture by the artist Rüdiger-Utz Kampmann, located in the Sculpture Park against War and Violence at the Reichstag in Berlin-Tiergarten, photo by Lutz Thuns. This sculpture park is also known as the Mauersymposion (Wall Symposium).

The first sculpture symposium in Germany took place in the summer of 1961 near Würzburg. There the artists heard about the construction of the Berlin Wall and some of them spontaneously decided to travel to Berlin. From October 1961 to the summer of 1962, they worked on the Reichstag grounds, which were made available to them by the City of Berlin.



TaboTago is all about experimenting, playing and performing electronic music together. After starting out as an Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream tribute band, the band has now developed its own take on the so-called Berlin School music.

A lot of material has been created during live concerts and recording sessions over the past years. We make this material available to our audience in a series of releases. The music presented here was mostly played under live conditions or similar.

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Perfect Sunday album!

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ABSYCHO | Universal Understanding | bandamp | 24/44.1 | FLAC
Visionary Shamanics Recs is thrilled to present their latest the 3rd Dark Forest Trance EP from the extraordinary Brazilian wizard, ABSYCHO.
Get ready to embark on a mind-bending journey through the enchanted realms of sound & brace yourself for a sonic experience like no other as ABSYCHO unleashes his signature style, blending heavy bass lines and deep grooves that will transport you straight into the heart of a psychedelic forest. A gift for the psytrance community around the world