What is the latest music you've downloaded where did you buy it and in what resolution?

Pallas | Messages | bandcamp | 16/44.1 & 24/48| FLAC

"Legendary proggers Pallas have been purveying their unique brand of powerful melodic progressive rock for almost 50 years – from the late 70s all the way through to their current tour de force, The Messenger.

On Bandcamp, we have curated a comprehensive set of digital downloads that include demos, rough mixes and live versions of material from their formation through to exclusive releases of their most recent albums.

This exclusive sampler features a unique insight into the development of the band with tracks taken from many of these digital albums.

On it, Pallas showcase demo versions and rough mixes of tracks from the Arrive Alive and The Sentinel periods right through to Messenger MegaMix from their latest album, The Messenger, which is out now on CD and digital download."

released March 5, 2024


Pink Floyd

Animals (2018 Remix)

Qobuz 24bit/192kHz



Heck, it’s good to see they are still going strong. I have a 12” 45rpm** that I bought in 1985 called “The Knightmoves”, and a few cr@p rips from yootoob.

**that I could not play during “the Valhalla years” coz the ****** Sondek would not spin up with the 45rpm thingy attached - finally sorted when I got a Lingo 1!

Methinks a sortie to Bandcamp is looming!


I hope you head over there and you will enjoy it @suzywong. I have just noticed that @GraemeBC has posted that he was playing them (multiply) yesterday. Good stuff. :sunglasses:

All from bandcamp in 16/44.1 FLAC

I had not come across this guy’s site on bandcamp before who is “Creating listenable stereo mixes of songs from the 50s. 60s and 70s using AI separation” so I decided to take a cheap punt to see what he has done to the music and how it sounds…

This is Nathan Horowitz bandcamp link: Music | Listenable


Interesting. I did a quick comparison of Norwegian Wood from the website and a rip of the recent “Red” CD (using VLC on the PC, through to my Senn 650s). His were very “bright” and the channels were transposed.

More investigation required, methinks!

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Thanks for that @suzywong, I’ve yet to have a listen to any of them…

Saint-Saëns: Piano Concertos Nos. 2 & 5 & pieces for solo piano
Bertrand Chamayou (piano)
Orchestre National de France, Emmanuel Krivine
Prestomusic 96/24 FLAC

Erato sale ends 1st Apr.


Lorraine Hunt Lieberson - A Tribute

CD Quality. The best available.

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For anyone interested, the Feenbrothers album is 40% of this week;

feen-brothers-play-dave-brubeck[quote=“Kefas, post:1309, topic:184, full:true”]



From Bandcamp in FLAC.

Thanks to @AndyP for the recommendation.

Was having trouble copying it to my Zen mini - schoolboy error so all good now.


Qobuz 192 Khz 24 Bit Apple Lossless.

Dark side of the moon
Wish you were here



Annette Peacock - The Perfect Release.

From Bandcamp in FLAC, originally released in 1979, reissued in 2021 - presume it’s been remastered, sounds great.

@AndyP - what have you started!! :rofl: :rofl:

BTW Andy, do you know who plays the lovely guitar solo towards the end of “This Feel Within” on X Dreams? I assume it’s either Spedding or Ronson?


It is such a pity that a lot of Annette’s wonderful 70’s and 80’s catalogue is difficult to find.

On The Perfect Release she uses Jeff Beck’s backing band from the Blow by Blow era.

Oh the guitar solo on This Feel Within from the X-Dreams album - one of my favourites - I would so like this to be Mick Ronson as he was such a big fan of Annette and it sounds like a classic Les Paul tone. But I think it is Chris Spedding as Ronson is credited in other sources as playing on tracks 1, 5, 6 and 7.

She does add vocals to a couple of tracks on Bill Bruford’s album Feels Good To Me.

David Bowie also a big fan recorded a tribute to her with his song Something In The Air from the ‘hours’ album.



Here is my Annette Peacock collection. There is a live album Live in Paris recorded around the time of The Perfect Release but the sound quality is a bit dismal.


Thanks Andy, yeah I think its Chris Spedding too, something in the fluidity of the playing.

Am enjoying The Perfect Release too and the band and production are great. I did read about the Bowie connection and Something in the Air being about her but the lyrics could refer to anyone - our Dave was obsessed with many women in the early 70’s! :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks again for the info.

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