What is the ultimate speaker for Naim

Imagine you have your ultimate Naim setup … what speaker would you gravitate towards…

Wilson’s, but I don’t have the space for them. My Dynaudio’s are pretty dang close.


I would have to listen to PMC Fenestria, Kudos 808 and the Dynaudio confidence 60. I have heard all three on and off but not for a serious demo and listen.

I think I would like space for PMC MB2 SE speakers…

Ooh yes i forgot them…though might be difficult to persuade the wife…not pretty things.

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I have heard a few that really impressed, notably Naim DBL (active with 6 pack of 135s and separately with 3 x NAP500) and Wilson Sasha DAW.

There are a few that I would love to hear one day, notably Magico M series, especially the M3, and the new Dynaudio Confidence range.

There are a few that sounded good but not wow in a given room on a given system on a certain day: PMC Fenestria, Kudos Titan 808, Naim Ovator 800 (active with 3 x NAP500DR and passive with Statement)

There were two that should have been brilliant but sounded all wrong to these cloth ears: Focal Utopia (the biggest one), Focal Utopia (the next biggest one)

Eager to learn of others’ impressions.

Best regards, BF


I had heard the Kudos 808 a few times at Signals and they were OK. Then Derek from Kudos set them up in the big demo and just found a sweet spot where the floor is not suspended , but a partial concrete slab in two places. They really seemed to come alive…perhaps a tip or a warning for those with suspended floors?


You asked:



My wife said “absolutely not!”

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Of the speakers Ive actualy heard perhaps Isobariks powered by a 6 pack were the best, although Focal Sopra No2s were very good.

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Neat Ultimatum XL10.


I have very solid floors (stone tiles on asphalt). I am going to vote for Kudos 808. This may not be a surprise :grin:


I’ll just put this here.


We have a winner! … and, in second place, … Neat MF9.

But then, I would say that. :wink:


Problem is @dave-marshall the XL6s just didn’t work in my room.

Yes, the room does really dictate the choice of speaker, and I’ve been lucky that my oddly shaped music room seems happy with each of the Neats I’ve had so far.

They can be a bit “boomy” in the wrong setting.

Of the ones that I have heard, DBLs or Ovator S800 - but there are many that I have never heard.

Harbeth M40.2


Got it, got them. Stick!

Surely the MB2 XBD?