What is this LP12 component/accessory/piece of junk?

A friend of mine who has an LP12, but not technical, was given a compliment slip from the Linn installer many years ago, and on it is taped a piece of green flexible plastic. Could I ask if anyone has any ideas what it is for, or is it rubbish?


It’s for cleaning the needle.

Many arguments on the Forum regarding this; To use or not too use.



Ah, OK, would never have guessed that. Thank you

I always knew it as Linn Green Stuff, and used it for over 20 years to keep my stylus nice and clean.


So can I ask how do you use it?

Best of luck. :scream:

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Apply to stylus from below and drag forward a couple of times.

Its a very fine abrasive - which will remove muck, but not damage the stylus… :thinking:


Excellent, many thanks @IanRobertM @Skeptikal

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Not to be confused with a box of matches :fire:

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What an utterly horrific idea!

That’s not how it us supposed to be used as well you know.

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Apparently so by that picture I posted it was a hi-fi dealer auction site listing.
Regardless of how to use it good luck.
It’s got a nickname in the trade. :zipper_mouth_face:

It was fine for me for 40 years.


Cool your choice your gear. :+1:t2:
The guy just asked how to use it so a picture says a thousand words that’s how a so called expert advises its use. :scream:

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From the horses (Linn) mouth:

‘We recommend using Linn ‘green stylus paper’ to clean the stylus. Cut a strip of green paper approximately 20mm x 40mm in size. Support the strip at one end only. Applying minimal force, draw it gently in the direction a record would be played (from back towards front) across the stylus tip, taking care to avoid touching any other areas of the cartridge. This method will clean and polish the stylus tip. Please contact your Linn retailer for further advice on using green paper’.

Can’t beat a green stuff thread :+1:


I remember when it first hit the fad rounds there is a reason it’s pushed by the manufacturer of cartridges.
It does do what it says on the tin as well. :wink:

I remember when this was a trending topic, there were cartridge manufacturers who specifically advised against green paper. One needed to check with their manufacturer.

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Green stuff is that rare thing in hifi, cheap but high end & there’s no need to run it in.

It does what it does first time used. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Straight out of the box. After use the highs are higher, the bass is lower and tighter & the mid range just opens up. Probably the best upgrade I’ve had.