What is your power cord?

Best experience power cord for your powerblock to wall and never regret?

I use a Naim powerline. Was talking to my dealer this morning who is a new Accuphase dealership, and these amps seem to like a powerline too.

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I’m experimenting with different power cords (from standard cords supplied with SN3 and NDX2). So far, mostly improvements, definitely different. Too soon to say if longer term use will satisfy. I’m also using a power conditioner, most definitely an improvement. I’m finding that the conventional wisdom of use all Naim cables and no power conditioning may not be true in all cases.

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TibiaPlus12 AC Deep-Cryo 6 foot Cable used with XPS DR, HiCap DR & SN2


Kharma GR into powerblock. Around 1,5 k cable, replaced now by other Kharma new name.

Synergistic Atmosphere replaced the Chord, which replaced the Powerline.

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Titan audio Tyco, big uplift, excellent price. Various leads for different parts of the system.

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4 Super Sarums
3 Super Sarum T



I only use the bare SN2 and i feed it directly from my wall supply 15 Amp / 230V 50 Hz and use a Lapp Olflex Classic 100 CY 3G2.5 ( 2.5 sq mm ) cable terminated in a simple Furutech F1 15 Cu IEC receptacle.

Got the Lapp cable by mail order locally and assembled the cable myself.

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Nordost Red Dawn power cord

Very clean, fast and precise. I experienced great improvements.


Furutech Empire (from the lower cost pro audio range) into a Furutech block and PowerLines from there.

The Empire is just 5mm cores with very sturdy ends. It is only about $200 and is designed to get abused in the studio. It was one of my more cost effective tweaks.

The thing that gets the mains power from my DC blocker to the HiFi system!


Powerline into Sparkly Musicworks G3 then bog standard skinny Naim leads to the boxes. Not sure understand the point of decoupling at the plug, then trailing the lead across the floor. Decoupling at the boxes makes sense but not convinced about the plug unless the entire lead is suspended.


Forgot to mention my powerblock is Matrix2

To avoid power regulation and surge protection which adversely affects the sound of naim kit and present in almost all power blocks I use a naim PowerLine into a Titan Audio Styx block. The Styx is electronics and bus bar free. There was a really positive uplift in sound when I fitted it. . .

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Standard power cords that came with the naim Olive boxes hands down. Powerlines are good but you really need to get the system balance and setup right or you’re in for issues.

The ones that came in the box! Which means a pair of powerline lites and otherwise the standard ones.

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I’ve spent years trying different power cables and always ended up where I started. I found exotic power cables seem to take more than they give when it comes to naim audio, trust me I’ve play with cables on entry level Olives to 500 Dr systems. Not to say imo is the end all and be all but naim really have it sorted from the start. The ears of naim Audio know better for there own product. For those that use alternative… Prodigal son comes to mind😉


On my Naim system, just the bog standard supplied cable (though I take pains to keep the pins and fuse end caps as clean as time and enthusiasm allow).

On my TV/cinema system, Russ Andrews mains cables and powerblock, with which even Mrs Ebor noticed a big uplift in performance, despite wishing hard not to whilst we were within the trial/refund period.

Never tried swapping the RA stuff onto the Naim system to see what difference, if any, I notice. Lockdown boredom hasn’t got to that stage yet, though it might only be a matter of time.


Clue ?? :thinking: