What is your power cord?

After a time away (doing who knows what) he came back home.

(The inference assumed is that he shouldn’t have left in the first place as in reality home was better than any place he’d been; but he didn’t believe this and only found that out it was the truth when he went to other places.)


Ohh…I thought another brand was being alluded to :upside_down_face:

Thank you @Xanthe

My experience Meni, but perhaps everybody will not agree, I don’t know.
The most important power cord in a system is the one from the wall to the powerblock.

Shunyata Alpha EF, wall to Shunyata Hydra Delta D6 (power distributor) Alpha EF to SN2, Delta EF to HiCap DR. Shunyata Venom HC to REL sub.
Audience AU24 SE-i mp, to Auralic G1

And some of these.

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My experience French…nothing is perfect,the music what`s going out from your speaker must be in balance…otherwise you can put a gold power-block including an expensive power-cord that will cost you both fortune…at the end you will achive nothing

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What are those fuses for?

Graham’s 4 head Hydra straight into the wall. Very happy.

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I use a PowerIgel that feeds all boxes

Powerigel was my preference. The ND555 came with a Powerline, which I still found disappointing after tons of burn in. I borrowed a Sean Jacobs Powerblack and Silver when I got a PSU from him for my Roon Nucleus and much preferred the Powerblack copper to the Superline and Powerigel. I didn’t get on with the silver cable, though can understand why it appeals to some. It seems I never get on with silver cables. Anyway, I now have his Powerblack “Power Block, which is a sort of square Powerigel that uses his cables and I’m very pleased with it. It better in my opinion than both the Powerigel and Powerigel+. Cheaper, too.

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Naim presumably must believe otherwise, as the Powerline Lite only has the decoupling in the plug, not the IEC end like the original Powerline.

A Powerline for most. For a Non Naim gear, NBS Black Label.


Meni, I wanted to say that the power cord from the wall has more impact on the sound vs a power cord on components.
I was not talking about stratospheric price cable. Something like a powerline should be fine.
If you have an average quality power cord and a powerline on your ps, try to swap : put the average quality power cord on one ps and the powerline into the wall , connected to your Matrix.
Just a simple test.

Mostly Naim Powerlines, a JG Special Hydra, or standard Naim UK Pirelli mains leads used here.

Hi, new member here. :slight_smile:
Am I the only one using Ansuz cables and power distributer?



Exactly, that’s what’s strange to me. I understand the decoupling concept is to prevent microphonic vibrations from reaching the equipment, but it seems (to me) the benefit is largely negated if the cable is then laid on the floor post decoupling. If the purpose is actually to prevent vibration from reaching the socket and this is of greater importance than the vibrations that reach the equipment, then both Powerline and Lite make sense.

I basically did what you suggest i.e. assumed Naim know what they are doing and I’m not making any statements about the effectiveness of the product, just that my understanding of it is incomplete. Maybe I will ask the question in a separate thread.

Back in the old days there was an in-house tweak made to the mains plugs that made for a very worthwhile performance improvement. This started the seed of development of the Power-line, so it’s worthwhile optimising the mains plug end even if the full benefit is only achieved when both ends are optimised.

Thanks Richard. Without wishing to hijack the thread, can I ask if the Powerline is intended to be suspended/supported or if in-house testing resulted in a preference either way?

I would love to ask about the in-house tweak but don’t want to breach forum rules…though you started it :wink:

Elfer, I won’t talk about the in-house tweak because I guess if it’s done wrong then I don’t want to be held liable! I would suggest buying a Powerline or Powerline Lite instead - much better too!

While I was at the factory I didn’t see much in the way of Powerline support testing or tweaking (but then I was travelling a lot of the time), but I have seen evidence of it since, even using a Fraim base at some shows.

Couple of Graham’s Hydras ( 4-way, 2-way) straight into the radial supply via a couple of high quality Schuko plugs (in Europe).

Which is nice. :blush: