What is your power cord?

I use the Power-Line Lite to my components as follows;

  • Linn Radikal
  • Naim 250DR x 2
  • Naim SuperCap
  • Naim FlatCap XS
  • Naim NAPSC x 2
  • Naim CD5 XS

If wanted to upgrade to the Naim Power-Line for all of them, I would need eight. But if I got them in twos, what would be the components to connect first ?

Alternatively, using Titan power cables, which are a bit cheaper, which model of cable and similar question to above

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Acrolink Mexcel 9700 cord very expensive

First to your power strip into your wall…
the second one to source Naim CD5 XS

Early days yet (plus expectation bias which I don’t have will power or strength of character to resist) but CHFC PowerBlack cable is v good. Nova and PMC’s already have v low noise floor so no inky blackness. However, there is a real improvement in bass definition and overall sound much better integrated. Great upgrade for the money


I think you have a point I resisted replacing my power cables…and eventually relented I was godsmacked at the difference…I have yet to do a dedicated mains its on the cards…

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I use:
Shunyata Research Alpha EF on my Shunyata Hydra D6 Conditioner to wall
Shunyata Research Alpha EF Hydra to Amp
Audience Audio AU24 SE-i mp from streamer to Hydra
Shunyata Research Delta EF subwoofer to wall.

Four Naim Powerlines on a ML Netzleiste plus (featuring Powerline cable)

Tried a bunch of other cables from a friend, none of them sounded right, some sounded downright awful

Hi Henkerino
I just relectantly sold my beloved Arivas after having them for 16 years.
I netted about £145 and had to spend hours constructing a pair of courier-proof sarcophaguses.
Well done for sticking with yours.
But all those funds you have lavished on posh usb cables and power cables - isn’t it time to consider investing in the parts that actually make the sound?

I have been reluctant on selling them too. SL2 would be great to try, cant find modern speakers I prefer over what I have.
The difference from my first boxes and cables (112x & 150x) to what I have today is far greater than any possible speaker change would reward me in satisfaction. Plus everything was bought secondhand. The Posh Usb cable was €200… Sold it for the same…
Only owned two different speakers in my days, Dynaudio 52s and now Arivas. Both great speakers, well made and thats the most important thing.

Yes, the Arivas are lovely sounding speakers - and worth more than 10x what I got for mine.

Mine had very loose speaker plugs and dented cones and bashed woodwork, so had very little value, despite sounding very good.

But yes, SL2s are a big step up. And SBLs too. And many other Naim speakers.

Hehe the speakerplugs were loose when I got mine from a local dealer, so a common problem surely. Gladly he fixed them before delivery back then.
They could easily fetch 4k If produced and sold today in naims pricing

No way would they fetch £4K. They were never particularly good. Naim made some sort of error with them. Any other Naim speaker is far better.

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Yes, infact Im pretty sure that was the slogan marketing for them. ”Anything else is better then these”. Maybe you worked there then and came up with it yourself? Lol
Was purely refering to the inflation since they came out.

If they cost £1,500 in 2008 inflation would take that to £2,000 now.

Not in naims pricelist? A quick Google and it looks like the prices have doubled where I live

Anyway, Im off now. This was a thread about powercables

Oh thanks for letting us know that, wise one.
‘Naim made some sort of error with them.’
Please inform us what sort of error it was, so that we can avoid the mistake of ever buying a pair.
Or better, why don’t you inform us actually what the error was.

A clue:
Was the error that they sounded great for a mid priced speaker and that they were really easy to set up once you levelled the plinths and so the old farts on the forum couldn’t endlessly spout on about how extremely high end they were?


You are certainly right that nobody could endlessly spout about how high end they were.

They were an excellent speaker for that price.

Aria - Rega Reference
NAPSA - Powerline
272 - AV Options TibiaPlus12
200 - Powerline

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