What is your power cord?

Hi french…How is your eros titan did you try others,it’s impossible to decide which one to buy,no auddition in my country, need a good one for my expensive Chord music cable …I bought Chord music today

Hi Peder,
what do you like foundationwise, apart from Mana and Jorma?

I like the modular approach and look of the Fraim. Unfortunately it seems to take away some body and tone from the sound. Perhaps a little too much flat-earth for my taste.

Hi Mulberry …it’s because everything is more accurate

I’m using the power cables that come with the gear (US). The system sounds great! Plugged into a Audioquest Powerquest 2.

The Eros Titan looks ridiculous and has an entirely unnecessary voltage readout. For those reasons I’d forget it. The MusicWorks is very good and in the context of the Music rather cheap.

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Hi Meni,

thanks for your thoughts, but I’m afraid I have to disagree here. A grand piano should sound like one, not like an upright (and an upright not like the Peanuts Schroeder toy piano).

Having listened to the CHFC PowerBlack IEC for a few days I am really very impressed with what it has done to the Nova. I was pretty sceptical tbh but it really has made a difference. Yes, yes, expectation bias, sounds different rather than better etc etc. However - I am well chuffed. Just need to do a double blind comparison :roll_eyes:


I’m sure you are right but it still looks ridiculous, like something you’d see on stage at a third rate heavy metal gig.


Look at those set of little front paws. Ready to pounce on any unsuspecting disbelieving audiophile.
Complete with a batman PANG of the union flag.

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This is much more discreet.

Eros Titan looks ridiculous?

Not at all

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Perhaps this one looks more ridiculous


Not compared, sorry. Only trust reviews. But it’s much better than the previous I had, half expensive.
Be careful if you choose Musicworks: only UK plugs.

Sonic the hedgehog ?

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No protection no filters not good for Naim devices only a clean quality power-block

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Music line netzleiste and a DC Blocker :+1:

It was always said…but is it really completely true? Some use Isotek and Audioquest with Naim and enjoy.
Have not tried personally.

I will buy all of them

:scream: how I wish I had the luxury

Shunyata Research, Everest.
AudioQuest, Niagara 7000.

These are two of the very best one can buy. They have no current limiting and are as good as it gets.

Of course before you spend the big money make sure you have at least one true dedicated AC line. I have no idea how AC power is handled in Israel.