What is your seat to listen to music?

Yes you can stay in the upright position if you want to.

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I used to use an Eames but that got moved to my study as there is more light for reading. Now I slump in a bog standard leather beast for both music and TV.

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@JMC I have to agree - that is a great office chair! I’ve had specimens at work, and at home, and they are brilliant for anyone with a back issue - the design ensures constant mirco movements of the back which is a good thing! I’m 2m tall and being able to get models at different heights is great.

Had the one at home for 20+ years and it is still going strong.

Thanks! I must have had mine for about 15 years now. I replaced the seat pan a couple of years ago after a jeans rivet snagged the fabric and it eventually ran the length of the seat. I appreciate the quality of products that are built to last and be maintained even with many hours of use every day. It felt eye wateringly expensive at the time I bought it, but I love never having to deal with the slow decline of a cheap office chair and trying to decide when enough is enough.

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I’m still using a couple of old Bond Chairs that just keep getting better.



I use a Celebrity Westbury Dual Motor Recliner just so comfortable.

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I’m sure it’s very comfy, but it does rather look like something you’d buy while waiting to die.


Following on from HH’s comment. I use this one for listening to Metallica.


It’s perfect!

Eames for me - not an original though…


My seat is the corresponding 322 Benz sofa :grinning:


My posterior.

It is usually plonked on a sofa, not ideal but cushions assist comfort. Sometimes I pull a reclining easy chair in front of the sofa, with footstool.

However, the best sound sonetimes is standing central between the speakers, air guitar in hand…




I have a tendency to get more horizontal as the evening wears on, even if there’s no cushion to slide forward under me. It doesn’t happen with the Stressless I bought last year. I got to try quite a few out at a local dealership along with a few alternatives and unfortunately the most comfortable was also the ugliest.

The model is called Reno, Rhino more like but slightly better than HH’s death chair. The mother in law has one of those down to the colour.


Glad I am not the only electric stressless user here. See my entry above. I also tend to recline a bit more as the evening wears on and the chair supports me in this extremely well. Mine is a leather model in a colour called mole. Blends into the room nicely.

Interesting, ss same happens to me whatever I sit on! (Gravity clearly pulls my upper body more.) I’ve never tried a Stressless - not sure I’d call it ugly as such, rather it just looks as if someone is already sitting in it, partially melted…