What music review sites do you use?

We have Pitchfork.com obviously but that is skewed to American tastes. I am European and don’t always agree. My music tastes are very broad. What other music review sites do you use to discover new music?

None myself but this is where the likes of Tidal are very useful every Friday to allow one to browse.

This has been my goto site for years.


I would take the ratings as such with a pinch of salt but in terms of ranking albums and the best comprehensive list of an artist’s/band’s catalogue this is the best site by far.

If you are looking at a new artist or band and want to see all their albums and a relative rating then this is the site. The reviews are from the public so should be taken in that spirit.

There are user lists on the left hand side which compile years or genre which I find most useful in discovering new music.


I have always used a mix of sources including those mentioned above.I absolutely don’t use anything recommended by algorithms such as those used by Tidal, Qobuz or Roon. Their ability to find 2nd rate facsimiles is impressive bit I prefer unique artists to those who “sound like” or those I am likely to like because other people liked or bought.

I’m mostly a music mag person but hap[y to browse Pitchfork and the likes of Under The Radar. NPR Tiny Desks have opened several doors too. Have to say I find Rate Your Music pretty poor @AndyP. The gaps on even major artists are often significant and for anyone who isn’t major they struggle.

I like Pitchfork, doesn’t mean I always agree with it, but their reviews are fairly comprehensive and well argued. I don’t feel like they just regurgitate the PR supplied script either.

Still listen to NPR all songs considered, despite the departure of Bob Boilen. Also The Guardian and Independent newspapers, MusicOHM, The Quietus and For Folk’s Sake. Mostly it is a case of finding out about new releases, then using Tidal to have a listen and make my own mind up.



Fully agree that it’s about finding music and making up your mind. Pitchfork is just a bit too much hip-hop oriented (one of the few genres I don’t listen to).

Especially electronic music is hard to find good reviews. I used to browse Beatport top100 at some time to find new stuff but thats not ideal since it’s just a flat list.

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This thread.


I like Americana and I’m on No Depression’s email lists. I find this a great source for releases by old favourites as well as artists I’d never have come across otherwise.

I’ve used Electronic Sound magazine for that in recent years. Lots of their reviewed stuff doesn’t show up on streaming services so you have to decide whether to take a punt or not. Generally speaking I’ve been pleased when I have.

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Pitchfork has been rolled into style mag GQ, with significant layoffs. The site will be “restructured,” whatever that means.

if we are including magazines i read songlines and bbc music

Allmusic.com is my go to first choice.


Anything goes. My particular interest is in websites since I have the Dutch magazines covered. That’s OOR and Lust for Life magazine for any Dutchies

Another shout here for Allmusic - and don’t forget Wikipedia for artist biographies.


Allmusic is a weird one for me.

Superficially impressive. Used by multiple streaming apps and yet… the basis for reviewers being an expert on their chosen artist is tenuous at best. A look at the ranking of some albums by major artists seriously brings their credibility into doubt. Objectively terrible albums - as in zero positive reviews pretty much anywhere - suddenly get 4 or 5 stars. For many artists the user reviews veer erratically between far more accurate and something from a parallel universe. That’s before you get to the fundamental flaw that it’s, er, not all music; often nowhere near; often has the wrong cover even when the correct one is available and often lists version with track listings which were absolutely not the track listing on the alleged release date.

Oh yeah, don’t start me on release dates. Some awful and obvious errors with major artists. Jazz especially can be a shambles. 1958 release date with a 1968 album cover and a 1978 track listing with extra tracks. Attached to a review which praises some of the extra tracks as being highlights when they weren’t even on the original album. User reviews sometimes try to correct this and the site ends up hosting major rows.

Don’t get me wrong. My Innuos Sense app uses it and it’s handy for quickly getting a handle on what were major reissses. Beyond that ot has always struck me as a fairly amateurish labour of love which has descended into something of a mess.

Same here.

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Surprised that not much came from this. So maybe I should rephrase: what sources (including magazines) do you use?


Allmusic +1
But very rarely, as it became saturated by advertising, cookies, ……so painful. Discogs user’s reviews too.

As stated before, main web-based is
Allmusic + Discogs + NPR Tiny Desks + here of course

Magazine wise
Electronic Sound
Classic Rock
Classic Pop

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Some excellent suggestions to check out, thank you :+1: