What releases are you looking forward to

Will you get a copy to review Kev as I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts before shelling out on what is a very pricey box set?

I’ve got it on high-res digital (sent today) so am waiting for a physical copyt o arrive. But it looks very very good and the PDF of the book indicates a really well-researched project with fabulous attention to detail…

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Absolutely loved the Dorothy Ashby Third Man pressing I got last week but perhaps I’ll wait for the Tidal stream and your impressions of the vinyl.

On the new Rhino High Fidelity label, a KG-cut version of Coltrane’s Sound. Tip on gatefold, etc.

More on Fremer’s Tracking Angle site: Rhino Launches "Rhino High Fidelity"—a New AAA Limited Edition "Premium Vinyl" Reissue Series! | Tracking Angle


It’s a great album that’s on high rotation here. Bit of a surprise tbh.


Pricey though at £45 I’ve wanted a good copy for a while though and it’s cheaper than the ORG reissue.

More from the wonderful Coral. Search for their own website for links.