What releases are you looking forward to

I was hoping that might be the case.

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You need eyes in the back of your head to keep up with releases.

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Yes agre - ever since I ditched Mojo and Uncut magazines (collected since issues No. 1). I rely on this forum and a trawl through the various genres on Bandcamp.

I still subscribe to Mojo and have every copy but I’m sure there’s far more music being released now than there ever was so even the magazines can’t keep up. I used to take Wire as well but I never felt intelligent enough to cope with it.

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Available everywhere else though, listening to the single it sounds nothing like her previous record much more R&B/Soul.

If the rest of the LP sounds the same I won’t be buying it.

The last track, „when the game is playing on you „ is not bad. You have the entire album on Bandcamp.

Black Acid Soul was an exceptional debut and one of those rare records that I always play in it’s entirety from front to back this new record isn’t terrible but for me it doesn’t compare at all, perhaps the whole LP will have some better tracks.