What releases are you looking forward to

Hi Isca - it was the estuary walking that was dull, flat mostly cycle paths. Tho we stayed in Westward Ho it was a little underwhelming (we expected it to be cutesy olde-worldy) so we cabbed back to Appledore for meal and drinks in the pub - can’t remember which one. Cabbie said that wasn’t unusual. Had a fine time to be sure.

Possibly The Royal George or The Beaver in Irsha Street or The Seagate on Quay?

Westward Ho! is a Victorian resort (named after Charles Kingsley) not much there besides the wonderful beach. By comparison, Appledore is a warren of narrow medieval streets. No record shops sadly. :disappointed_relieved:

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Just to be clear, I prefer to access the music digitally if it’s a digital original recording. If the original recording is analog, I prefer to listen to the lp.
Enjoy your album, the most important :+1:

Apols for derailing the thread, last from me. Pretty sure it was the Seagate with that lovely inviting exterior. Also shocking memory corrected by Lady BC - the night before was Instow which was lovely. I conflated the two rivers - the dull day was thru Barnstaple.

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@Endon @Isca_Dumnoniorum


    October London - The Rebirth of Marvin, Death Row Records

This was released late last year but it’s the vinyl release I’m looking forward to.
They are calling it a tribute mixtape is it a tribute or a rework? It’s hard to say but it sounds eerily like Marvin Gaye the album as a whole isn’t fantastic but the if you like ‘Come Live With Me’ era Marvin then you will enjoy this immensely.

I’d have preferred a Dr Dre production and what a return that would be back at Snoop’s newly acquired Death Row Records. It’s actually the label’s 30th Anniversary this year and they are reissuing some records so if you don’t have a copy of Dre’s The Chronic and you like soulful, funky music then get a copy.

Not only is it fantastic music the production by Dr Dre is flawless as is Bernie Grundman’s mastering one of the 90’s best sounding records.

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Scores more to follow over the coming year in this all-analogue series:


Yes, it was. Great album and studio one rockers. My youngest daughter has discovered it too.


Vol 2 is worth checking too

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I guessed right! Now, do I need to buy the OJC’s I have again?

That’s great news Kev I hope the Bill Evans release talked about is Live at The Village Vanguard. I see they are priced at $39 in the States so Tone Poet prices rather than Classic Series prices hopefully the packaging as well as the pressing will reflect that.

I bought an OJC pressing of Jackie McLean - 4, 5 & 6 recently and like all the others I have it was excellent.

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Eric Krasno and Stanton Moore have announced a new collaboration, the Krasno/Moore Project , along with the band’s first tour dates. The Soulive guitarist and Galactic drummer will be joined by keyboardist Eric Finland , who previously played with Krasno’s E3 Organ Trio

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Christine and the Queens - PARANOÏA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE 3 LP / CD. Released 9th June 2023…


Highlight of Record Store Day 2023 for me. Of course.



Def Leppard & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra


Released on 19/05/2023

Just received an email about the forthcoming album.

“Rock and classical royalty unite on brand new euphoric album Drastic Symphonies – Def Leppard’s greatest produced tracks dramatically reimagined and sounding larger and more exhilarating than ever before, teamed with London’s iconic The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, and including new vocals and instrumental from the band, Drastic Symphonies is available May 19thon clear and standard 2LP, limited edition 2LP picture disc, 1CD/Blu-ray, 1CD and digital formats”.

Just heard ‘Animal’ from this album on Planet Rock, first impression, brilliant, looking forward to this release as I am a big Def Leppard fan. :smiley:



Thanks and pre-ordered Kev. Currently still available with signed CD insert. Fancy!


I’m curious about this one. Bit of a disappointment as it really doesn’t offer anything new. No additional live stuff like on their previous 40th anniversary releases. This uses 2015 remasters which I’ve never heard so hoping for an improvement. Anybody else?


I was going to order the Boxset yesterday, but never got around to it.
Now I’m wondering if I should. I have bought most of the others🤔

Disappointing there was no live recording to go with it, not sure it’s worth the money for a remastered album, 4 7” singles and a bunch of fluff. I really liked the Moving Pictures box set, I had been hoping for something like that