What’s coming at Munich?

Blutooth 5 they whisper.

A superyacht Statement to power multi-Focal mast speaker system.

But it is a bit of an animal.


A Naim network switch (NNS1) and a Naim power strip (NPS1) to end all switches and strips. Also a Naim Ethernet cable called Base-Line

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It’s which bit that’s the big concern.


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Maybe the 2 new audio solutions are just “ k2 power “ new kit for cars and a new range of Focal subwoofers.

Focal sub one


A subwoofer with port holes - oh dear.


Nope. They’re actually entrances for his and her’s lavatories for rats.


My bet is a replacement for the Classic series with no green logo.

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A half width integrated and a half width CD player/DAC


I don’t believe that Naim will re-introduce a CD player … no way!

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A power supply that doesn’t hummmmmmm!!


I guess there will be nothing very exciting

In the past, at any given point in time, the Naim design was consistent across all products, chrome, olive, classic.

Not long ago someone with deep enough pockets could buy a Naim kit that did everything from source to speakers.

At present there are several designs in play but none of the products Naim is most famous for (separated power/pre amplifiers and power supplies) is available in the latest design casing, nor the equipment rack.

I wonder if they will announce a set of boxes in the Solstice design style and casing to compliment the record player:

  • pre-amp
  • power amp
  • maybe a shared power supply for them both
  • maybe a streamer/DAC too

Priced around the 252/250/ndx2 mark with a ‘recommended’ pair of Focal speakers. And a discontinuation of most if not all of the classic series.

Perhaps logistically that’s too much to arrange all at once, but I’d imagine the marketing team are desperate to simplify the branding, let alone the costs associated with all the different casing options, etc.


Lets all hope it isn’t more Anniversary Grey Box yucky stuff :face_vomiting:


I’d go with that, given the shortage of DR modules, it’s likely we’ll see 200 and 250 replacements with pre-amps to follow

I’ve mentioned it before; new 272 with matching power amp (250 level) in a new design


One thing definitely at Munich is this from Chord…

New Chord Ultima Pre3 just announced. All analog balanced and unbalanced inputs Interestingly it has a usb out to power a qutest etc directly. Will be looking for a new pre so hope to listen against Naim 252 pre when available.


I guess something which will sell like hotcakes.
What could that be ?

Their Muso and DR sold very well, so does Uniti’s.

Not sure about a turntable - lots of competition from Rega and Linn amo., and I see it merely as a profit prestige product just as Statements.

their latest amp seperates device is from…?

Le menu:

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