What’s coming at Munich?

Maybe some other special edition Unitis and the like. I am not sure if Naim will still treat separates as their priority

Will listen to this tomorrow.

Interesting…with which Power amp/s ?

No idea…….its a new dealer in Witham called reference audio who are doing a Chord demo weekend……the Optima 3 will be on demo.


with an Ultima 6 (or 3) would be interesting…

anyways, have an enjoyable ‘listen’ !

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Are you tired by your too many boxes perhaps? :smile:

You only have to look at the new casing to see that other things are planned for it, power amp most definitely looking at the side heat fin’s.
Going forward i can see this being the new way, but hay we dont know what will be on show or if anything new from naim will even be there

Surprised the dealer has one! Hopefully you get a decent demo session.

Would be interested to hear how you get on.
No doubt it will go well with the Ultima power amps but I suspect it will go well with some other brands as well.

For £6,000 I guess it’s the 282 it needs to beat. But no Hicap or silly little Napsc required, so it actually works out cheaper. The new design is much better too.

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Or it’s replacement :wink:

I’m afraid I’m not with you … Where comes the GBP 6.000 from?

Saw this advertised in NZ yesterday, ironically by my ex-Naim dealer.

Seems like the competition is getting on with things…… new Linn stuff too?

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That’s the price of the Ultimata Pre 3. Maybe I’m missing some subtlety in your question.

Its. Not it’s.

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You could also try the Ultimate Pre 2. It’s where we ended up after the NAC52/135s but that’s in what is now an all Chord streaming system so there could be some of the old system synergy stuff at play.

We really wanted a Naim 500 series integrated amp or 2 box 500 series amp with power supplies in 1 box and the audio electronics in another. It was not to be. Perhaps in Munich this year???


Thanks for telling off autocorrect and my dyslexia. Classy


A new streamer…NDX3

He can be a bit grumpy every now and then … but overall, his intentions are good :wink:


No sleep till Brooklyn,
No sleep till Hammersmith,
No sleep till Munich.

12 days to go……….:bomb:


I know that one!

“…Oh Lord, please don’t let him be misunderstood!”

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