What’s going to happen?

Post covid the world will change. The idea of long supply and service chains being OK will diminish somewhat. More than ever having a quality local dealer and service presence will probably make a difference between sale or no sale to those with a choice as to how to spend their money.

Any quality dealer imho would not want to steer customers towards product that would have issues with fast and efficient service or repair.

At the higher end reputation is extremely important, Naim would do well to remember this or loose sales.

Trouble is as companies become more corporate they sometimes lose some of the passion that made them and focus more on the bottom line, however small the savings
Usually down to a change of FD or CEO or company ownership.


Put nicely ChifChaf absolutely spot on

I’ll second that. :+1:

Yes while a the CEO and the owners have every right to run a business in any which way shape or form they choose.,just don’t hide behind the skirt tales of yesteryear. What did Bono say “they glorify the past the while the future drys up” :grin: anyway the new gear sells its self to a point. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in any large electronic appliance retail store at some stage in the future. Must be a lot of pressure running a business, paying wages and keeping the shareholders happy. Big picture kind of stuff…hey do you remember the bit about “fish heads” in the hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, the part about the three large spaceships colonising new planets​:joy:

Can’t see this with the current Naim kit with the exception of Muso line.
An “introductory” level for premium recognised brands Is becoming common.

Happens with hifi just like say, cars. The trick is not to devalue the brand by producing poor cheap intro product. Naims Muso range is very good, so I would expect it to do as intended and introduce new custom to the brand.

Where things could get tricky for some manufacturers is if the back up and service declined with the increasing volume or corporate cost cutting. My own experience with BMW growing so fast with its cheaper models is that the standard of service went through the floor. I don’t own one anymore…

Keeping the service level high is extremely important, loose that and you loose the customers prepared to pay premium prices and keep those willing to pay for kit with little profit.

Re the fish… also remember the first spaceship sent up had the hairdressers and accountants in it. No doubt some marketing men and CEO’s as well😁

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They have. And it gets worse. The Real Music Company will no longer be selling Naim. So that’s the whole 30 + years of Naim experience and support down the pan.

I’m really quite unhappy with how Naim are treating a loyal community here.

We’ve basically got about 2 months to buy new gear, and accept that you won’t get anything close to the level of support we have had.


Interesting soundline audio completely dis Naim audio and the new focal speakers. Would be funny if they ended up selling them🥴 I’m sure things will be put in place to be able to buy new Naim kit like the rest of the world can. Over the Internet for a start. Chris’s team was so focused on Naim, they carried few other brands and always pushed Naim first and foremost. Some other hifi shops have so much selection it’s a bit like sweet shop.
I know Chris has setup trusted services agents in Australia and I’m thinking they will still be able to source service parts from Naim via whoever. Just wouldn’t it really cheese you off setting up that network and sales shops then somebody just moves in and takes over! Dog eats dog world for sure.
Oh well I guess Ill get my 135’s serviced and enjoy for years to come. Should be back within a few days like all the other gear he has serviced for me.
Anyway speaking for myself I’m very focused on my lp12 atm and I will be buying my upgrade bits from Steve in the Wellington shop via the Christchurch shop.
Oh the fish head’s !!

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Some great stuff is made in New Zealand:

Java hifi passive pre: a friend of mine replaced his 252 with the Java passive, on his 250dr. He really enjoys it.

Antipodes audio: ones of the best for servers, like Melco or Innuos.
Well known and with great reputation amplifiers, like Perreaux, Pure sound, Plinius.



June, I believe. Which, given delivery timeframes, is very soon.

It is not acceptable that Naim are making this change without any sort of communication to customers, this close to it taking effect.

Easy enough to email NZ customers who have registered serial numbers on the Naim website.

It’s in the public domain now. Naim needs to set out how NZ customers will receive service in future, both for customers who bought products from the current distributor and for purchases (if any) from the future distributor.


Agree, and your point applies to Australia too. Leaving aside the routine risk of product malfunction, much of the range requires a recap after only 10-15 years; if there is no ongoing robust localised arrangement available for what is already an expensive exercise in $$ and time, then other brands (which don’t require such a hassle) are going to clean up. Thats before we get to any more price hikes…
I guess the good news is they can now focus on their curated alternatives; Fyne, Totem, AVM, Vertere, Auralic etc…

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Do you think they’ve taken for granted how small the market is down here and how much we rely on the relationship with our dealers. We were lucky enough to have both a dealer and a distributor we trusted. Since Chris lost out here I’ve not seen one ad in the local hi fi mag, no regular emails and newsletters, nothing. Chris had at least one page and a quarterly newsletter. So far all we’ve got from this new arrangement is uncertainty and price increases.

If my dealer lost the ability to access and service Naim for me any further upgrade will be more than likely something from another manufacturer.

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I think you mean, it is frustrating and highly undesirable. Naim are of course within their rights to make any change to their global distribution network they like without prior notification. Which is pretty standard actually.

I think the anxiety is justified but I also think it would be better to take a deep breath and wait and see what arrangement is put in place. I fully agree it doesn’t look good, but predetermined doom and gloom before anyone has seen the final outcome might not be constructive.

Whatever the outcome (better local representation; worse representation; no representation), there will be a silver lining way of looking at it if you so choose.

Well, quite. Naim can do whatever they like.

I chose Naim primarily because of the local dealer’s enthusiasm and their long-established credibility. Of course, I like the products too, but in a market so far from the supplier, the dealer relationship is crucial.

Naim’s decision and approach undervalues the importance of the dealer relationship.


Very much so. Naim is a niche product. In the NZ market place that solely relies on small businesses that develope and maintain excellent long term relationships with their customers. Though Naims history is probably similar, they are now owned by a venture capital business, who’s focus is on financial return, not a traditional hi-fi / small business model.


My situation exactly.


Is that straight from the horses mouth ie: Chris Murphy, Mike?

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Which bit @Bevo ?

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That the Real Music Company will no longer sell Naim? - did Chris confirm that formally ?

Thanks Mike

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The Auckland branch have said they will no longer be selling Naim after the distributer changes in the middle of this year.

Okey dokey - I think Chris might have a part ownership of real music company

Not looking good - bloody hell who else is there in NZ that has the experience to sell and service Naim! It takes years to build up customer loyalty and brand experience

Goodness me


You’ll be able to buy from new retailers who don’t have detailed Naim experience and won’t provide the same backup.

Pretty good for all of those who have heavily invested in Naim eh?