What’s your most extreme ‘out there’ tweak?

…and the trolley has metal wheels, did you consider wrapping them, Neil?


You missed a bit mate…!


They (your cables Graham, I dare not comment on the lagging) look so much better than the thin lead Naim supplied, and I have no doubt they will lie in a vary satisfactory curve between the boxes.

Most cable is never wound up correctly and results in odd kinks and bad curves, so when I find a cable thet has a nice lie to it I appreciate it and here it seems you have cables that lie well.

I used to deal with music band microphone cables, and had to share this task with others that failed to appreciate the art of coiling cable and of course this led to frustration. One of the tasks I used to set prospective fellow workers was to sort out and coil cables.

Some of you may know what I mean, and have the right lay of cables at the back of their stack of boxes.

Of course correctly and well laid cables sound better. The electrons work better…


I did roll the wheels onto some cut pieces of inner tube once! The best bit was when my wife walked in half way through “the installation”, she took one look, shook her head, smiled and just said “knob” - then quietly walked out :).


Bet you carried on with the job though!

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Hell yeah, then made her listen to it :)).


Laughed out loud at that.


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When installing my first Naim system the dealer insisted on the slots in the screws on all mains sockets in the room being turned until horizontal. Claimed you could hear the difference. He’s never been in my house since….


Hes in Rampton.

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I should hope not. They should be vertical.


Now that’s ‘out there’ :joy: ATB Peter


Nice sausage :wink:

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Coiling cables is much like coiling climbing rope - especially the old three weave rope I learnt to use when I trained as a tree surgeon - doing it carefully first time saves time later.
When I stopped recording one of the biggest reliefs was not having to sort out cables…

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Thinking about it, I now have new unswitched sockets for the system - I’d better check on the alignment!


Yes, that used to be my “teaching point”: get it right first time saves time.

Once an operative is trained it becomes second nature and automatic.

Have a look over an outside broadcast set-up and see how the coiling is done and you will learn much about training methods!

About 30 years ago, I had a listening room with a massive bay window and two smaller windows on the adjacent wall.

No curtains on the bay windows and the sound was a bit bright. So what did I do? I got a builder to brick up the two side windows. We all have daft moments. I chalk it up to “yoof”.


Brilliant - bet that went down well with the other half!

Other half?! Pretty sure I was 15 and had yet to even get a girl’s phone number.


Bought a different house one with a room I could dedicate to my hi fi.


I thought that they should be at an angle equal to your latitude.