What time do you go to bed (stop listening to music) at?

I notice a sharp decrease in posts on the “what are you listening to…” thread from 11pm onwards - are you all in bed or just doing something else?


Generally head up after 11 to 11.15 here…

Bed by 1 when it’s a workday, very occasionally 12. Have to read a bit in order to woo sleep - doesn’t always work. Not an insomniac but I do like night time. Bit of an owl.

Normally between 10 & 11, although running late tonight @11:30.
Sonos One in the bedroom only sadly, but it usually does for a quiet interlude to aid slumber😴

Bluesound in the bedroom here…

I’m retired so I usually stop listening to music around 1:30-2.
Mrs. G usually off to bed by 11pm, so I get around 2 or 3 hours of uninterrupted listening.

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Almost never before midnight. Often around 1am, sometimes 2. Occasionally later. (I’ve always had nocturnal tendencies!) However I don’t usually frequent the What are you listening to thread as it is far too prolific for me to cope with (and few people give the thread’s requested additional info).

1030 is a late night in our household. :joy:


Sometimes I’ll start at 7 or 8 and go through to 1am. Often I’ll start as late as 11 and go through to 1am. Non-fatiguing systems are a wonderous thing.

Usually between 10:30 - 11:00 but listening doesn’t stop as I put on my sleep music (Muso QB) for the next couple of hours or if it’s Max Richter “Sleep” then it’s 8 hours.

Current favorite sleep music is Harold Budd / Brian Eno “The Pearl”. If I wake up in the middle of the night then I sometimes reach to the iPad and repeat the music to help me get back to sleep.

If anyone else has some ambient music recommendation then I’m all ears?

I always fall asleep to music - whatever Roon radio is playing. I usually fall asleep within 45 minutes. As to when I turn in, it’s around 2200 hrs; although this week it’s been 2130 as I have a good book to read. It may be later if I’m binge watching a series from Walter Presents.

I’d get noise complaints from 10pm onwards so I’m usually done by then, but if I’m playing anything ‘beefy’ I’d need to be done by 9pm.

Lark here, up 6.30am (which is at least a bit later than when I worked). NAS powers down at 9.30pm when I may well already be asleep.



Brian Eno - Ambient 1, Music For Airports.

Used to play this when babysitting with my then girlfriend. Baby always fell asleep within minutes. Play it quietly, so you can barely hear it, and ignore it. (Takes practice). Once mastered, you too will fall asleep and never again hear the end of the music.

Another good one, again play barely audible, is The Victoria Requiem by Tha Tallis Scholars.

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Thanks, been on my list to buy for many years. I usually forget whatever is on my mind when I listen at low volume and follow the music in bed.

Normally listening downstairs until around 11 and then upstairs for 30 mins low volume rp mellow mix on a sleep timer.

That’s very interesting. I remember an event, probably more than five or six years ago now, when people were invited to the Wellcome Trust Building (near Euston in London) to spend the night sleeping (or not) with a recording of Max Richter’s eight-hour long ‘Sleep’ being played.

I think that the event was broadcast over that night on BBC Radio 3.

You can buy a CD of Max Richter’s 'Sleep’s but, as it’s only a single CD, it won’t play through the night.

PS I must correct what I have written. It is indeed possible to buy an 8CD version of ‘Sleep’, so that must be the entire piece. I shall buy that once I can get my Visa card to work.

Yes, maybe this can tempt you into streaming or being able to rip your CD’s and have an 8 hour Sleep session!

My wife and I are in bed , with hot water bottles and Kindles , by 10.30 .

Get thee behind me, Satan!!