What to use to clean naim equipment, can you use windex window cleaner?

Is windex ok to use

Possibly. Naim use Astonish tile & glass cleaner at the factory.


I too use Astonish Tile and Glass.

Tesco window cleaner is my go to choice for all cleaning duties

Hi Richard I live in Canada don’t.have the same product as Naim use, so is Windex for window ok to use

Does Windex contain ammonia?

Perhaps Steve @HiFiFoFum will know…


SC Johnson’s Windex product contains water and several cleaning agents, such as 2-hexoxyethanol, isopropanolamine, sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, lauramine oxide and ammonium aydroxide.
The Windex brand offers 11 different product variations for glass and other surface cleaning. Each contains a high concentration of ammonia, but there is one product called Crystal Rain that has an ammonia-free formula.

Hope the link is ok, or delete please:

Hi Richard , thanks, yes it does contain ammonia the one I have at home.

I remember @RackKit uses a special fluid to clean his Naim boxes. If my memory is good.

I’m pretty sure that Astonish doesn’t contain ammonia. Whether that makes it a better bet here, I couldn’t say. It’s usually only a tiny percentage of the total so probably not a big deal, but as I’m not an expert here, I couldn’t say for sure.

Servisol Foam Cleanser 30 always seems to work well for me. It’s anti-static too which seems to help keep the dust to a minimum…for a while at least :sweat_smile:

A respected Naim dealer recommended ‘foaming anti-static cleaner’ (no specific brand) which I’ve used for years with perfectly good results.


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What’s the recommended way to clean once one has sourced Astonish tile and glass? Is it to spray directly onto classic fascia or onto a (damp?) microfibre cloth and wipe?

Our kit could do with getting the sparkle back. Perils of having a boxer puppy :smile:

Demin water on a microfiber cloth.
That’s all that is required. And, unlikely to bugger anything up.

Sorry Richard I have no idea and see others have replied
When I’ve wanted a case cleaned I have sent them to Plurison/ Focal Naim for a deep cleaning
This is a extra charge service when getting a recap or service performed.

Not me FR. I just use a duster. If I need to remove any marks, then window cleaner sprayed on to a microfibre cloth is a safe bet for almost anything. Always spray on to the cloth never directly on the unit though.

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I clean my CB/Olive stuff with WD40.

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I clean with a soft sponge, the same for dishes. A bit wet sponge.

'king 'ell. That must stink. Or st least leave a twinge of err…wd40 in your room. Plus an oily touch.

I like the smell of WD40.

I also love the smell of Gunk, but that’s going a bit to far. :grinning:

Or is it. :thinking:

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