What upgrade will Santa bring you for Christmas?

As far as for me, a 3m pair of HP SL - I hope. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Chag -

My Wife would like a NAP 500 Dr or two !

My 300DR arrived last Friday. My 252 10 days before. Xmas. Done.


Hopefully arriving on time, Chord Music Ethernet Cable and Ansuz Powerswitch

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Not in time for the festivities, but Ekos SE and Kandid shortly after.

Valentines or Easter egg: decision on changing Lingo 4 for Radikal (Akurate case) or not!

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I might ask Santa for an IsoTek Evo3 Aquarius

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A pair of glossy walnut Fyne 502SP Floorstanders to replace my EPOS M12s after 35 years of epic Naim/EPOS stand mounted pairings. I decided to buy the Fynes without audition and, as far as I am aware, they are yet to be properly reviewed but I like the look of them - their specs and pedigree - and my gut instinct is usually my best call :sweat_smile:. If they are an epic fail I will have sufficient anaesthetic in the house at this time of year to make them better than I could possibly have hoped for.

Santa arrived early with extensions for my Fraim … installed yesterday ready fo seasonal music and festivities.

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I’m collecting some Kimber Monacle cable next week to home trial between my SN2 and B&W805 D3’s. It might not be a favoured brand of choice on this forum but I will be interested to hear what it delivers.

300DR arrived last Friday.


Interesting choice! Any particular reason why you decided on this cable?

Hopefully Naim will service the crossovers from the NBL’s I am buying in time so I can get those bad lads fleeted into the living room in time for the Christmas CD season!

Yes…I use their 8TC which I prefer to NACA5. It’s also a pre-loved cable at half price which I can trial for up to 60 days. Whether it remains in the system will be totally dependent on its performance and whether it justifies the cost.

Fair enough, on paper it’s a pretty extreme mismatch for a Naim amp, but perhaps less so with a Nait than a separate power amp. Let us know how you get on with it.

I think Father Christmas knows that with my XS set sounding so good into Allaes, there’s no need for his sleigh to stop here.


Look forward to the photos & reports. Have you already tried them in-situ?

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May I have the phone nr to the Santa that brings Naim equipment to my house. Need a serious talk with him.

Many thanks!

No not yet! Not even seen them yet actually! Took a blind punt based on feedback here. Buying from a quality Naim dealer though known for their used kit so I trust their judgement that these are a really nice example!

In my case it’s listed on the “Contact Us” section of the TD Ameritrade website.

It is a controlled punt. Look forward to your thoughts.

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