What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2022?

Witch hat Phantom jumpers arrived today. I’ve only had a very quick listen and they seem to have made a nice improvement.
These cheaper upgrades are very satisfying.


PS555 for the NDS. Running in right now :slight_smile:


NAP 250DR 2019 bought on eBay at a bargain price, just hope all is well with it when it arrives. There is no XLR cable included, has anybody got a suggestion for a good one, or should I just a get a Naim cable.


Witch hat Morgana :ok_hand:


P8 with Apheta 3 and Arai Mk3.


Collected from the dealer today…
Innuos Zen Mini mk3 + LPSU.
Now arrived home.

Full story over on here

Weekend of fun and music ahead.


Oh, they are cool. I need a pair - I can’t find them on the site - are they by request?

The Naim one ime.



As the new inertia platter arrived for the turntable some weeks ago, I found myself having a new really decent coaster with the old platter. The Negroni never was this level…! Wish all a nice hifi gear weekend.



Recently acquired a Teac A-2300SD quarter track reel-to-reel from eBay. It’s the version with Dolby B. Pretty good nick and didn’t cost a fortune. Photo to follow once I get it off the floor (ahem!). It’s late 70s, when Teacs were well made, reliable and sounded good too.

But the piece de resistance arrived today: the Castle Winchesters. Here they are sitting next to the Castle Howard S2s:

They are a noticeable step up from the Howards and the Supernait 3 drives them well with excellent timing.


The little ProAc Tablette 10 Signatures are a week old today the they keep amazing each day as they loosen up. Amazing little buggers they are.


What make is that orange link cable? I’m not totally happy with the standard cable

I tried a better link cable for the Farad Super3 PSU on my EE8. Maybe it has something to do with the low voltage through these ‘power cords’ but they take a ages to settle in.

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Yes. I sent a message via their website.

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It’s a Silent Angel cable called ‘Bastei’. You can find it on their website.

The sound was a tad brittle with it in place of the supplied cable at first listen but I’ll let it bake over the weekend before reinstating the standard cable and making a final judgement.


Glad you are enjoying them. The gift that keeps on giving as I’ve upgraded this past 18 months. They still await the 300 as the icing on the cake….March maybe.


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If funds can be stretched……Witch hat Morgana , if not Naim.

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I’m sure the wait will be very much worth it when it arrives Graeme. Be sure to feedback.

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Okay. So the Zen Mini is now set up and settling in.

I’m experimenting with details on set up. Also, have cables on loan for a few days. I need to decide which interconnect - to order - to use between the Zen Mini and Naim Pre-amp NAC.

Chord Chrysalis (as a proxy for current Naim equivalent)
Chord Clearway
Chord Shawline
Chord Epic


Be careful, the current equivalent of Chrysalis is Crimson. I much prefer Chrysalis with Naim. So look for secondhand.