What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2022?

Ah thanks. Was looking for something to take to the office (when it was still looking like office work would be happening again for a while). So looking for something very portable that gives enough performance not to make me think about the quality drop the entire time.

Then the Cobalt could be just the thing. It’s certainly performing very well with my Hifiman Planar headphones, which, while a lowish impedance, are fairly insensitive. Plenty of volume to spare with the AQ driving them.

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Then I am certainly going to keep it in mind if we ever get out of lockdown again!

Fed up with the poor sound from our Samsung TV, I added this Sonos Beam (G2) soundbar. It’s quite impressive what this elegant little box kicks out. Like it.

I wish every 500 I spend on my hifi was as effective as this. :crazy_face:


Maybe a Shunyata NR series power cord since that’s what they are designed to do

Highly unlikely as the three root causes for a humming transformer aren’t noise related.

  • DC offset. Requires a DC blocker or isolating transformer to correct.
  • Over voltage. Requires a variac tranaformer to correct.
  • Defective loose winding on the core. Requires a replacement power supply.

Though that Shunyata is definitely large enough to house a DC blocker.

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Node to replace the Yamaha WXAD-10. Only downside is no internet until Wednesday so can’t set it up yet. Daughter is getting the little Yamaha for her bedroom system


Happy belated birthday wishes.

Best wishes for 2022.

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I feel that Richard has an happy birthday every day actually :grin:, since 3 weeks.


Well the last bit of gear I added I actually bought a while ago when I had my XS2. I’ve had a flatcap2 and last night I connected it to 202/200.
And I’m really pleased with the results! I’m saving towards the purchase of a hicapdr so that’s the end goal. But for now the flatcap2 is staying in the system.
I’m not saying it made a night and day difference, but it did make a noticeable difference! It has made the sound just a bit warmer and smoother more refined if you will. Sound stage has a touch more air. And grown in depth and width.
Bass more punch and better at lower volume. But this biggest change is the prat. Even more toe tapping vibes just an overall more musical nature.
And to me that’s what it’s all about :grin:


Do to space I had to put behind cc. But it’s away from pre amp


One reason I waited so long to try it, I bought the 200 new and wanted to make sure it was broke in and I knew the sound before trying any changes.

Sorry for the duplicate pictures, they didn’t want to show up so I tried again and now have 2 sets. But we all love green lights :rofl:

Have had Chord Shawline DIN RCA on loan used between my phono stage and 272. However I find them fizzy in the top end. Silver issue maybe. More details than my Vertere D Fi but not better. Will try Tellurium Q Black II next week too (RCA RCA).


The delete button is your friend. Press the three dots and choose the bin.

Thanks for the help HH!

I had a rather busy December … after 40 years of naim amplification I went from this: 252/SCDR NAP300DR

to this: Aavik I280 integrated amplifier. Not a Burndy, DIN or XLR in sight.


And how the sound of the Aavik vs 252/300 ?

Excellent … though not nearly as sympathetic to really poor recordings as the naim amplification was …

The object was to downsize and not downgrade. I believe I have accomplished that.


I ordered a Bryston BCD-3 10 weeks ago, but even after 10 weeks they couldn’t provide an estimate of when it might be available so I cancelled it. I starting looking elsewhere at other options and found this brand new Marantz KI Ruby. Quite impressed so far. Many hours of break-in ahead but the initial sound is excellent along with the build.