What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2022

After a long search, I was finally able to find a second hand nac 282 to replace my 202. I must say it took a bit of getting used to the more ‘ forward’ sound of the 282 versus the -what I found - more ‘intimate’ sound of the 202. However, after a few days I really started to appreciate the 282 so much that I can’ t stop listening. Nonetheless I will keep the 202 and add it into my second system in a small study (I need to find a low cost power amp for this, CB or olive?) Wrt the main system, this for now completes my Naim journey that started with my first post in November 2021 as funds allocated to hifi have run out. Apart from the 282, the biggest improvement I experienced was adding an nDac to the bluesound node. The least attractive addition was the cd5si, as it cannot keep up wih the streamer combination and I only seldom use it these days. For now, I will now enjoy listening to lots of classical music via Qobuz and hope I can defer the next upgrade itch!

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