What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2023?

Optical cables are super easy to install because of it too. Plus the signal is light so doesn’t pick up any interference on long runs. Only downside is the media converter at each end. Be nice if more manufacturers built their streamers with an SFP input.

Hi Graham - AV Options is in the USA so you’d have to be prepared to spend a bit on shipping. Relative to the cost of the upgrade ($3k US) it shouldn’t be too bad though.

Dealing with Chris West at AV Options is a exactly what you’d expect from a first rate operation so I’d encourage you to reach out to him. They had a six month lead time when I contacted them early in the year and the upgrade took about a bit over a month, which included the deep cryo process and some burn-in.

Upgrading my NAIT2 is something I’ve been thinking about doing for several years, but realizing it was the 30th anniversary of my buying it pushed me over the edge.

Am I happy that I did it? Yes and no!

  • Yes, because the NAIT2 sounds utterly sublime now - better than it ever has.
  • Yes, because the new volume pot is in balance at low volumes and most of the gain isn’t in the first fraction of a turn of the knob!
  • No, because it’s sounding better than my New Classic trio. Seriously, it sounds like an upgrade and I’m scratching my head wondering why, how and what I need to do to bring out the potential of my new system.

Bottom line, if you’re OK with the cost and logistics go for it!



James, thank you for such a detailed reply - and very interesting to read your thoughts.

I will take some preliminary soundings. Did you go through a UK dealer, or did you approach Chris West directly?

The other confounding factor at the moment is that I took delivery of a spanking new NAIT50 a couple of weeks ago, so that - rather than the lovely old (but virtually unused) NAIT2 - really ought to be at the heart of my nascent ‘second system’.

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The Pi and all the ingredients just got in!
Time to cook some music server!!!
Can’t wait to see how it’s all working!
:slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I live in the US so shipping wasn’t a concern, and the local dealer is so low profile as to be almost invisible so I contacted AV Options directly. Fortunately the UK-US exchange rate has improved somewhat in your favor this year.

I would love to be able to compare a NAIT50 to my upgraded NAIT2 so a part of me hope’s you’ll do the upgrade as well so that you can report on it here!


in case you do not know West hails from Salisbury and worked at the HQ as technician. Julian sent him to the US loooong time ago to open NANA ( Naim Audio North America ) in Chicago!


Here are a couple of internal pics that Chris sent me in case you’re interested.


Nice plumbing. :upside_down_face:
Wow. they even cryoed a transformer!

Thanks for those pics, and I see the telltale lettering on the transformer.

It certainly looks very neat and in great condition, but I’ve never dared open my NAIT2, in case I damage something, so I have nothing to compare these photos to.

Superb! I was wondering if anyone on the forum would ever undertake this upgrade. A few questions… What are the key benefits beside low level channel balance? Does it drive your Spatial speakers well? And does the overhaul improve its capacity to drive more challenging speaker loads?

I was sceptical at first but they really work. (For me in my system in my room anyway)


Fabulous bit of kit, they are😎


My NAIT2 has always worked brilliantly with my Spatials, which are 97dB efficient and have active 15" woofers. I have a pair of MoFi SourcePoint 10s (91dB efficient) that I’ll try this weekend and if I’m feeling energetic I may move my Usher CP-6381 (87dB efficient) back into the listening room to try out as well. I don’t believe that anything is done to affect power handling though.

The NAIT had never been serviced so I’m unable to differentiate between the benefits of the service and the upgrade, but the improvement is substantial as it should be! Beforehand, the treble sounded a touch brittle and grainy which I put down to lack of service, as these characteristics weren’t noticeable in earlier years. Now it’s clear as a bell, detailed and simply. beautiful.

I want to be mindful of forum rules concerning modifications, which the upgrade might constitute, so folks should refer to the AV Options web site for detailed information.


That’s great - thanks for expanding on the specs of the speakers in use, that is quite a benign load for the Nait2 with the Spatials, so will be interesting if the performance with the Ushers is as effective, and MoFi too of course.

I noticed quite an improvement when I had my Nait2 serviced (standard factory spec), the most notable difference being the improved bass, gaining greater impact and drive, as well as the sweetening of the treble - removing that brittle sound as you describe. My unit was original and had never been opened prior to service, so well worth doing. Would love to hear an AV Options shoot out with a factory spec Nait2! I know Art Dudley liked the AV Nait2 he listened to when at Stereophile.


Topping P50 linear power supply for EE8 switch… sale or return so why not!

Edit- pretty obvious uplift ! For £123 it’s a Billy bargain on the Ee8!


Enjoyed a pair of Linn Ninka’s (cherry) at one point and was very happy for many years.
Later, had them set up Aktiv, with 3x LK100 power amplifiers. Which was outstanding.
But, even just by themselves, they are a fine loudspeaker.

I actually like the shape and styling, thinking they are good looking items too. Easy in a living room environment.

Good luck :+1:

Best wishes


Oh wow, that really is a complete rework.
Impressive. Nice job :+1:

Thanks for sharing, enjoyed studying those pics…


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I’m happy to report that both the Ushers and the MoFi speakers failed to ruffle the NAIT2 composure up to 75dB average listening volumes. This is the loudest I can reasonably go unless I’m home alone.

I’m very familiar with the Ushers as they were my primary speakers for about 10 years and I ran the NAIT2 with them for a good portion of that time. They’re the most difficult load I can run the NAIT2 with at 87dB efficient, going to -3dB at 29Hz. The MoFi by comparison are 91dB efficient and only go to 42Hz (?dB).

I used my “Bass” playlist, full of tracks with lots of high quality low frequency content. The Orb’s “The End of The End” from “No Sounds Are Out of Bounds” has a periodic deep, deep floor rumbling sound that the Ushers reproduced very nicely. At no point did I feel I was lacking for amplifier power.


Worth mentioning that it’s possible to run the Ninkas Aktiv with just two channels of amplification per speaker. I use four of the five channels of a a 5125 and it made a very big difference to the way the Ninkas sound.

IMO a used Aktiv Ninka setup is a huge bargain with the prevailing prices of suitable Linn gear.

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Also agree 4 aktiv channels works fine too.
Let’s ensure that idea get shared with @QuickSticks

Good luck QS, with your “new to you” Ninka’s

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