What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2023?

Hm strange. So you have both ends into your 252 then :smile:

Can you hear a difference? If not I wouldn’t worry too much

@geoffC Looks nice - I was investigating a replacement for my intermittently faulty NAC82 remote.
Do you know if the Narcom 5 would work a NAC82?

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Or I’ll paint it and job done :grin:

Mine does.

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Just re-checked mine. The ‘source’ end of the cable is definitely grey although there is not a massive difference. Needed a decent light to differentiate it.

Hi @Ian

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure sorry, one for @Richard.Dane to answer?

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Should be fine on a NAC82.


I went through this before and even in bright sunlight and with a magnifying glass I could discern no difference in the colour. At that time Gazza was also trying Super Lumina and had the same experience. There was a suggestion that the Naim logo on the cable was indicative but I never saw that confirmed. The HiFi Critic review of Super Lumina is clear about the directionality of the speaker cable but frustratingly vague about the interconnect. I cannot find anything about the issue on the Naim website. Given the question does recur, perhaps @Richard.Dane or someone else could provide a definitive statement on this issue and put it in the FAQs, even if it’s only to say that it doesn’t really matter. The latter may be true as I haven’t been aware of anyone claiming to be able to hear a difference!

Yep, might have hoped it could have been sorted……even with a rubber band at one end, SQ permitting😉

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I’ve only ever seen Super lumina DIN-DIN interconnects with the slightly lighter grey end signifying the source end, as shown in this image;

Clive, was yours like this from new?

Thing is I don’t get to see much SL cabling these days (it appeared after my time at the factory). Probably best you get some clarification from Naim here.

Thanks, Richard - that’s interesting to see. As is clear from my photo, my interconnect definitely doesn’t have that grey indicator on either of the plugs. And that grey indicator looks round whereas the equivalent on my interconnect is more oval. I bought my interconnect apparently unused from someone who had bought a Statement preamp and was selling this and possibly other accessories. It therefore must have left the factory in this form.

Mine were on loan from my dealer and was not easy to identify……glasses on and by a window for natural light?

Richard - it might be useful to put that photo in the FAQs as it does show very clearly what should be visible at the grey/source end.

Might be an update made along the road to make it more clear? I find some pictures where it’s super easy to identify the grey side and as many others where both sides look identical (to my eyes). Will have a look at my SL again when there is proper daylight. So somewhere in april 2024 then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Never let designers get everything they want.


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Ndac finally added to system just powered up and settling in before we have a proper listen over the weekend.

Having to use BNC adapters until Mark Grant cable arrives, really hope this will have a positive effect, lots of good feedback on the ndac so hopefully it will perform.



Last night, from RSCH, a beautiful pair of IBLs in an unusual, splendid rosewood finish.

My SuperNait (surprisingly?) seems barely able to drive them in full; bass is very tight and tuneful but Roberto’s full 500 system got more of it from them. They haven’t the grilles, but I’m sure it won’t be a problem finding some.

I definitely am not for smooth, edulcorated speakers; I love strong personalities. And they are pretty, really really lovely. I’m happy I found them.


For my brief experience this is best midrange for clarity, focus and overall musicality nSat, S600 and SL2 included. They absolutely shone with 500 system, bass is also very good with the latter


Does on mine👍

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Wanting to fall in love with my CD collection again, rather than using the NAS, I’ve just invested in this rather lovely item… Saw no point in getting a full cd player with a DAC as I have the NDX2. I have to say I’m rather impressed! Straight out of the box and dead cold, it’s matching the ripped tracks on the NAS. I’m rather looking forward to what it sounds like once it’s warmed up.