What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2023?

Awesome. I still think Naim should reintroduce them.

That is temporary as I’m planning to replace the SN3 with the NAC 332 and started saving but was put off when learned that the yellow capacitors were replaced with some others which are used in 282 upwards till statement. As I got very good deal on Hi Cap DR unopened box I could not resist even the Hi line is on the way which again was a very good deal on unused item.


And SBL as well


New set of magic sponges.

These get cut up into smaller strips and used for cleaning the stylus. I’ve used these for years and are much more effective than both the supplied brush and scratchy sandpaper.

They are great for cleaning vinyl too. Just add a drop of cleaning fluid and wipe over the grooves as it’s spinning. Absolutely no mess whatsoever. A standard vinyl cleaning brush drys it all up. :+1:


They aren’t the melamine ones are they? Melamine is one of the hardest substances known to man. You can use it to polish diamonds.

They are melamine sponges. I got 10 for about £3. I doubt I’ll ever run out of them ever :grinning:

With all the Furutech cable talk I thought I’d take a look around and found a (new old stock) still current model - Furutech “The Empire” Power UK Mains Cable 1.5m for sale (from a reputable and well established authorised dealer) for £250.00 (RRP £450-520)

Feeling rather smug :smile:

Mine has UK plug.


I use the Empire from wall to mains block (PowerLines from there). I’ve mentioned before that I prefer their pro audio Studio series. Great cost performance. Just be mindful the Empire is one thick heavy cable. Luckily UK mains leads exit bottom of plug but for everyone else, support is needed to keep it in the socket.


It’s this UK plug not the 90° one, anyway no problem as I prefer the one I got.

I’ve had this ordered for a month or so, and it arrived today. My new Harmonic Resolutions Systems (HRS) R3X Isolation Base for my turntable. I just got it sited and am starting to play records. It’s built to order and customized to be optimal for my 65 lb turntable. Sounds great so far. I have a seismometer app on my iPhone and that measures a significant improvement, but the real measure is in listening.


well you see something new every day.

But either way, it’s a very good lead. The absence of rhodium and other exotic materials also means there is no real burn in period other than physically flexing of the lead. It should give consistent performance from day one. Mine did.


Gorgeous setup!

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Narcom 5 Remote


Just now received the HiLine 5 pin din interconnects


Just got my used demo sample of SL DIN DIN but it’s challenging to understand which side have the grey side. Maybe aging have done its work. One side is however more black I believe and the other looks bit uneven. I’m guessing the side that look deep black (1) is the one going into my 552 and the questionable side (2) goes into my NDS. There is no other way to visually confirm sides? It’s made 2015.


Upgraded my 20 year old klangmodul 3 with very old fuses to klangmodul 4 with new fuses. What a difference with a much cleaner sound.

Have a look here - same thing came up a few days ago.

I Need Help For S.Lumina interconnect - Hi-Fi Corner - Naim Audio - Community

Thanks but my problem is I don’t even clearly see which one is grey :slight_smile: It’s like it’s been top coated with grey and years gone by have removed it. I believe it’s pic 2 but not 100% sure but the end on pic 1 is at least black black in comparison.

It does sound great though. I’ve also had Sarum T in the past but I thought it removed some of the good things with naim and became bit too much HIFI and analytic. My initial impression re Super Lumina is it does sound more like a the better version of Hiline, still naim. Bit like moving from say 250DR to 300DR.

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Have just spied mine and I can only suggest the comparison to be made is against the flexible shielding on the plug itself i.e. this should have remained black(?), so the one which has the different ‘garter sleeve’ (or whatever), should be lighter and at source end.

They don’t make it easy and I find it’s best to tell under strong natural light.

I have never been able to work out which way round to plug mine in - they look identical to me!

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