What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2023?

I’ve just bought the ADOT MC02 kit. Definite improvement in clarity. Seems to have removed a slight background haze that was very annoying.
Very cost effective upgrade.


Bergmann Magne is at home, but I do not have a perfectly level shelf yet, so it will not be mounted for some time. Maybe during summer.


That looks rather nice!

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Wonderful table there! I am sure you will enjoy it!

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It is a good idea, even though the price feels wrong. I am glad I did it without having any idea about the sq gains I would get from tthe second ps.

The new AVO RCA-DIN signal cables arrived today. Made by former Naim employee Chris West at AV Options.


Pre owned ChordMusic Ethernet cable from my dealer…


Replaced my Shawline between pre/power with this today…:innocent:


That and Oephi at the same time. You are in for a musical ride :smile::+1:

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Following the earlier upgrade of the main system to NC200 series and taking the plunge with Qobuz, the lack of simple integration with my UQ2 system in the shed has resulted in a swap out to brand new Uniti Atom courtesy of Pete at Acoustica.

Same footprint as UQ2 but SQ through the Neat Iotas is already feeling better defined and precise after less than a day. Plenty of testing to follow!


Good to see that essential provisions for listening are close to hand :sunglasses:


Absolutely, Mike. Just white wine and fizz in this fridge all ready to open. But only after the sun is over the yardarm.

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Starting to wonder if I’ve taken my downsizing plan too far…

Picked up at a discount recently for untethered use, surprisingly capable for its size.

I also got a line out cartridge for my Selekt DSM in preparation for it’s marriage with a New Classic NAP 250 next week, excitement begins soon.


Doesn’t the fridge motor/refrigeration unit impact SQ…?:thinking:

Good q - definitely no impact to my ears. Have had UQ2 located there for 9 years without issues. Given space constraints not many options. Well, I could get rid of the fridge but need chilled white wine.

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Nait 1 from 1987. 369xx serial.

Maybe I will clean the front. I have a spare casing in mint condition.


Herbies. 8 decoupling gliders standard/stainless steel to put under the spikes of my dedicated PMC stands.
Why? @seakayaker suggested them.
Not sure will be able to tell difference in sq but at £160 a small amount (in the scheme of things) to pay for pleasure of tinkering.
Customs charged extra £36.


Look forward to hearing what you experience. One thing for sure the speakers will easily glide over the that carpet!

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My last 2 buys have been Chord dacs 2nd hand (a Mojo & Hugo) an absolute revelation the pair of them into my 2 channel systems.

I keep hovering on the buy button on 2nd hand Uniti Atoms at around the £1k mark - very tempted - I really don’t need one but when did that ever matter?


At that price it’s a bargain, although I’d be somewhat cautious, typically they got for around £1500-1800 used.