What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2024?

New year, new opportunities! :star2:

Bought this little fellow on January 1st. On December 31st I made a promise that I would relax and just enjoy music for a while. Bad character.

It’s a Bridge (streamer, transport, many names) to make my NDS more compatible with Roon and other streaming services of today.


Don’t listen to a ND555 then, you naughty boy.

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A pair of Cardas Reference RCA cables; and
A pair of Grahams (Chartwell) LS3/5a.


It will remind you some memories MrU.

Ordered recently. Will have to wait maybe 6 weeks, as it’s been made by hand in Esr Yoshino factory, UK.


It will be worth the wait FR👍

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This is getting really urgent Blackbird make an appointment at your health center right away so you get a prescription for hifi itching ointment before it’s too late for God’s sake! :cold_face::cold_face:


It did not work for me😂


Ah yes, Limetree, that was both recommended and advised against when I was looking for a bridge or streamer, a bit confusing. So how does it sound and how is the app?

Emerson Lejonklou and Graham

My first purchase of 2024 is the Lejonklou Boazu integrated amplifier.

Here is my (minimalist) second system.
Source: Wattson Emerson ANALOG
Amplifier: Lejonklou Boazu
Speakers: Graham Audio/Chartwell LS3/5 BBC Monitors


Seems like people mix the two models up. There is one Network version including a DAC and one Bridge version with digital out and also Bridge I and Bridge II. I have Bridge II. I haven’t found a single one being disappointed with Bridge II. Then as always sky is the limit but for the money I believe it’s great but still early. I’m getting a better coax cable too and later change to a Linear power supply. This is my temporary solution getting my NDS up to date since my long term goal is ND555.

The app seems great, fast and stable. Better than Audirvāna. The so so reviews found on the app seems to be from the time before version 2.0. Will play around more with it but for now having fun with Roon again :blush: Also sent them an email where they confirmed Tidal Max is coming soon. It has Streaming unlimited 810 board in it which is from the same manufacturer as naim use in their later boxes (800 model).

And their app also runs nice on my Macbook too.


eerrrrhmm… 2024 is just beginning, not that I have any intention to buy more than a Rega Naia, Naim 332/350/300 and a bit more.


Bought a used Chord Signature digital cable to go between Lindemann Bridge II and NDS. I turned the back leg on my Fraim a bit so it will hopefully work out :slight_smile:


Hi @frenchrooster ,

Wonderful amp. I still miss it …but, there is a definite synergy between Naim amps and the SBL.

Look forward to reading your thoughts.




Decided to try some different tubes in the La Scala.


That looks very nice, are you looking to use Mullard EL34 XF2s or new current tubes? The Mullards would sound terrific if you can find them!

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You’ve got all of your contact details visible on the invoice - you may want to delete the picture.

If you are a Roon subscriber, and a HQPlayer user, these are probably what you want, and I just bought these to test the USB input to my Klimax DSM/3, in addition to the default wired Ethernet cable input.

The SQ of the USB output of the Raspberry Pi 4 + Ropiee exceeds my expectation.

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The Lejonklou pre-amps and monoblocks are excellent, and if I could go back in time or rebuild my system from scratch, these are probably my choices.

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Allegedly, you’ll be able to buy a ‘slimline’ rear leg for the Fraim later on this quarter………

And of course everyone else who has purchased 200 Series kit :grinning:.


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First tube for 2024. An Elrog 274b rectifier tube.

This is a little like a table lamp for the amp at night! I think I’ll need to bring out some woodwork skills to make a shade that blocks the glare from the filament for low light listening!