What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2024?

Here you go!

With Musical Fidelity LS3/5a

With Grahams LS3/5a


After saying preloved SL speaker cable comes up rarely and never at the right length, a pair of exactly the right length came up this week so I’ve bought and installed them today. I feel a bit bad cancelling the order I had for new with my dealer but he understood. 16 weeks + lead time for speaker cable is very poor.


Thank you very much , interesting photos, as the Musical Fidelity LS3/5A are very recent , I hope you don’t mind me asking .

Do you prefer the Grahams LS 3/5A ?

I have P3ESR but have always had a hankering for the LS3/5A

For the connection between NDX5SX 2 as streaming transport and NDac I bought a new BNC digital cable

Neotech NEVD-1001 UP-OCC Silver RCA KOAX 75 Ohm
Connectors: Furutech BNC FP-3-117 R

Nice upgrade. More about the discussion: (Click here)


Hi Ian,

The P3ESRs work superbly well with Naim amps. I would say their bass goes a tad lower than the LS3/5a.

Don’t know yet about preference. I would say both lean to the more musical side of LS3/5a, whereas I would say the Falcons lean a bit more towards the musically detailed. Both work well with SS and tube amps.

The Harbeths don’t play well with valves IME.

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There has been a further upgrade last days: I bought a second hand Chord Anthem DIN 5 Pole. And the Story why you can read here (Click)


Ear 534 tube amp. A beast, 20 kg. The problem will be to find a tall amplifier stand , at least 30 cm height, and not more than 450 cm weight. The length of my cables and not a lot of space.
For now the sound is wonderful. Finite Elemente cerapucks under the butcher block.


No rush FR👍


Do you mean 45 kg?

That’s great news.

I mean 450 cm width of the amplifier stand. The weight of the amp is 40 lbs.

The sound is very involving, very nice prat, and full of nuances and colours. Maybe a bit less authoritative vs the NC 250 , but I am even not sure. Instruments sound more real , and voices too.
Only 10 hours burn in.
The bass is mice, crisp.
It’s absolutely not the syrupy and romantic tube amp as generally described.


45cm I assume. 4.5m wide rack is pretty wide :slight_smile:

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Yes, error ( 450 mn). :+1:

What turntable did you compare them on?

My wife used to call mine, ‘The Alien’; I think it is superb, both in looks and sound.

The only speakers I have owned where it wasn’t simply better than my Naim amps were the SBLs. Unsurprisingly.

How are you finding it?

Edit: Just seen your follow ups.

For info:
I asked Tim what his recommended speakers were: Grahams LS5/9; and, Diapason, can’t remember the model but their snall top model.


Sorry for the misunderstanding, I have not heard either! I meant the technology sounds like the way stillpoints describe their clamp

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Got a very good deal on an npx 300 ex demo unit which was passively placed on the shelve and was never connected or used which I couldn’t resist and now eagerly waiting for the special cable to connect the npx 300 to my ndx2.


Interesting that dealer already runs deals on such a new product. Sales go slow?


He is no longer a dealer now hence clearing the stocks. The unit is I think a year old and one strange thing I noticed the bands on the burndy cables are blue whereas all the videos or the photos I saw are all white, strange. @Richard.Dane can you please check and advise, even to all the members owning the npx 300 can you please respond.

With my Apertura Altra, 92 db into 8 ohms, it works beautifully. Globally better vs the NC 250. The bass is a very little bit less crisp, but the prat is the same, my feet are tapping. The instruments have a better decay, the timbers are nicer, the voices more human a bit too. The general impression is a bit more realistic sound. And I am only past 10 hours burn in.
The problem is to find a better place, and a stand not too large and at about 30//40 cm height.
In summer it may be also problematic. I will need a fan ventilator.


I’ve not seen a blue band, but then I’ve not really looked the one time I’ve seen an NPX300 prior to production, and then when we had some forum members visit the factory last Summer. As I’m a long way from the factory, perhaps someone here who has an NPX300 or maybe @110dB can advise on this.