What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2024?

Bought another (used) Farad 3 for my Lindemann Bridge II replacing Sbooster :slight_smile: Have one Farad 3 on my EE8 already. Great product. And so is Sbooster but my trigger happy finger slipped. I blame the :wine_glass:


Rega is very close to Stevenson.

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Thank you for sharing your personal experiences. While I said my ears are ageing, I do not have to wear aids yet (touch wood) and really enjoy my music. Obviously, a HiFi system only gives a version of what is actually going on so there is always scope for improvement. However, there is an ever increasing financial cost in chasing this SQ Nirvana. My comments were meant to convey that I may not be able to determine/appreciate small differences so why waste my money?

This obviously applies to high end or esoteric cables. As you point out, I may try some more ‘affordable’ XLRs (£600 or thereabouts) on a sale or return basis.

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As you know I’m now running an ATC SIA2-100 pared with Cambridge cxn v2. I gave the internal akm dac a go in the Atc fed direct from nucleus and it’s richer, more involving and more musical than the cxn. I had the Cambridge on 30 day return so it’s gone… the Atc has a proper usb implementation and optical for my tv so nice and neat. So the recent bit of gear is a network bridge - SoTM 200 mini neo so the nucleus doesn’t have to be core and player.

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I hope it’s not a fake…
New for half the price :interrobang:

Just picked up my NPX-300.


Had changed most all my cables to Nordost Norse 2, especially the Tyr 2 looms …and of cos , power lines stays.


When you write power lines you mean Nordost power cords? It doesn’t look like Naim Powerline from your pictures.

It’s on my 350s below compartment

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Very nice system. I have never seen those speakers before (Adam A7V active nearfield studio monitors). Have you had a good experience with them?

They look the business - post some pics on the ATC thread?

New torque wrench 1-6 nm. Tightened all chassis screws on my s400 Ovators with the correct torque now. Makes a clear difference, to my ears.


I quite like them, they punch a bit above their weight so to speak.

They were purchased as for short term step to a pair of ATC 40a’s as I was due to move house but it fell through, I didn’t fancy lugging the 40a’s from one location to another.

There’s a review on YouTube, search for 13th note hifi.

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Basically, it’s a Naim system that I started in 24, Nait 50 + nd5 xs2 + some native cables (power lines and super lumina). Though I would not call myself a rookie in this hobby already, built and disassembled around 12 systems previously and also listened to some Naim gear at home, it really ‘clicked’ just now with a full setup and careful approach to the power supply and ethernet.


Very nice, welcome to the forum!

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I loved the looks of the older square cabinet models of SCM’s, I know the newer tweeters are “better”, but….Enjoy your 12’s, I wish I had never sold my little 7’s years ago. Fun speaker!

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@Phystech nice speakers ! Is that a ribbon tweeter ?

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it’s AMT like Martin Logans also do

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New toy!

Longer RCA to RCA cable in the post.


In the end Naim Power lines,seems to win for musicality ,other cables may give more details etc.