What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2024?


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Yes, the G5 is a clear step up from my G3 + sparky base.
I remember demoing the Chord M6 against my G3, and I couldn’t hear any substantial difference.
With the G5 it was immediate.
And yes, I try to look after my electrical current hygiene :slight_smile:


I was too eager to set them up, so just a box pic. instead. :rofl::rofl:

Nestled in amongst my Naim amps is a new Don Sachs Valhalla tube / valve amp that arrived today. So far it’s warming up fed by a Lumin D2 via basic power, speaker and XLR cables with potential to be unleashed.

It’s been a 9 month saga getting it, with the first one being thoroughly trashed by UPS. This is the amp that my speakers were voiced with and reckoned by the Spatial community to be the tube amp to beat.


Perfect fit!


How did it go?

Only 3 hours burn in and the Eros is outclassed. More details, freedom, tighter bass. The tonality didn’t changed. A clear step.
Coins: it exposes more some average recordings.

Of course, it’s not 4 times better. But you know that already Garcon.

Does it worth the extra 2k euros ? For common people not. For ill audiophile like us, yes.


I know it’s a typo but “ill audiophile” is excellent!


Your 12’s look really nice! When I bought my Guru Junior Plus models, they came standard with covers that were held on by magnets. The walnut version looks great with or without them.

Hope you are enjoying your 12’s by now, all broken in etc.!

It’s not a typo. As audiophile are addicted persons, they are ill in some way. Humor also .


I like it even more, then :+1:t3:


Cheers, I’m really pleased I went with the Fog finish, but I’d probably be just as happy with the light ok. Yes really enjoying them, fabulous speakers, and the grilles with these are the same as yours by the sound of it.

They have some cracking dynamics to them.

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Excellent! I do like that finish, very nice, glad they are sounding good for you!

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Ah, nice to hear! I it means a lot as the Eros is a very good piece of kit already (for instance I didn’t think the Chord S block was better).
As for the cost - it can improve 6 components. And 2 speakers! :slight_smile:


I haven’t had much time with them, but I plugged them in & gave them 2-3 hrs before a quick listen. Their impact is pretty easy to hear, they definitely lowered the background noise, allowing more details through, they increased clarity. Things sound more realistic, etc. Only downside is they seem to have removed a slight bit of warmth. I’ve listened a couple more times for ~30min after 4-5 days & still hearing the same thing. Currently I’m pretty dialed in so it doesn’t take much to swing the balance. I’ve only listened to my digital front so far, will see what it does with the TT after more run in (want them to run in without much listening to make sure my ears aren’t adapting). Wondering if maybe their exposing a weak link in my digital chain. I’m using an Audioquest Cinnamon ethernet cable to feed my streamer, many on here aren’t fans of that cable saying its leaner/brighter sounding. I previously haven’t noticed a problem with it (though I’m in an acoustically treated listening space) but I’ve ordered a Neotech neet-1008, which is supposed to be a significant improvement, so will see what that does.

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Interesting, thank you. Did you plug them both on the same distribution block or how is the setup?

I’m a bit short on outlets currently so have one plugged into the only free space left on my powerbar, & I have two outlets installed on my dedicated line on different walls (as I wasn’t sure where I was going to place my rack), the one that’s located near my rack is currently full, so I placed the other on the empty outlet on the other wall.

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Hi @Richard.Dane

Without running around I do not know.
The number on the blue band looks like a naim employee number of who made the lead.

Is the cable in question a special?

I dont know Steve. @BackToNaim ?

New to me UnitiQute 2 to replace the original version and a new Snaic to join it all together