What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2024?

I saw the prices. Both cost around 8k euros. It’s serious money. I wonder how much more cost a second hand Nd555 today.


i have a d3 powerswitch (ethernet switch) with an x2 ethernet cable, expensive but amazing.


Looks like there is a smps inside - not a LPS?
And now the game changes again :sweat_smile:

That seems not the only product you own from Denmark :smiling_face:

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Correct, it’s a cheap Mean Well IRM-20-15 SMPS inside. But on my Lindemann Bridge a Farad3 performed less good than the including 20 EUR Mean Well SMPS so :slight_smile:

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The Danes are very good at HIFI :slight_smile:

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I have a few pieces. I’m rather smitten with them. Sound, operation, quality everything I need and more. Maybe a new piece from them in the not too distant future, i hope.

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Yes they are - great hifi community!

Those D2Rs look very nice indeed. I saw some at a dealer once and they are bigger than I expected, and you’d certainly not want them on 600mm stands. It’s interesting that they work so well with your Nova, and good to see that ProAc have finally started using magnetic grille attachments. All they need to do now is to get rid of those wholly unnecessary biwire terminals.

It’s always good to see happy Nova owners. Those who casually dismiss it as a ‘lifestyle’ product clearly haven’t heard what it can do with copacetic speakers. I’m listening to a bit of jazz at the moment and the sound is just lovely.


Very nice. Thanks for sharing. So we really have the same setup. I think on Frame it sounds amazing. When I see right you use Naim Speakers…. Enjoy

Oh dear, I thought you were too. Hold on for the ride - here we go.

I recently purchased this pre owned Naim Superline from an auction site, fits nicely into the place vacated by a Rega Aria.

Good grief, it’s amazing what it brings to my system even though it’s only powered from the Aux outlet of my SN3.

I’m really rediscovering my LPs, I’ve not done much work in the house or garden for these past few days but I must today.

A HiCap DR will come later, I just can’t imagine what’ll sound like then.

I wonder if the seller is a member of this forum? If so , I’m pleased.


Congratulations :+1:

SuperLine is such a great phono stage.
Powering from the SN3 works fine
When you’re ready, adding a HiCap DR provides a nice uplift.

Also, look at load matching for your cartridge, with Naim Airplug Z foil loading plugs. (Adds just a little bit more). Lots of discussion on this topic, so just use search.
(As the Alpheta 3 is a popular choice, you’re likely to find someone else has already found the best match for loading). The Airplugs can be ordered through any Naim dealer.

Good luck
Happy listening.


Thank you. At the present moment I’m using what Rega suggests for the cartridge, 100R and 1nF.
Do I need to try other options?
Regards D

First thing of this year: Supra MD06DC netfilter/DC filter/mainsblock, including Supra LoRad powercable. Replaces the AQ Powerquest.

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It’s a modest incremental improvement…
Just use the search function, with key words, such as “SuperLine loading”, “Airplugs”, “Loading for Alpheta”, etc

Here is one such discussion (original forum) …

More recent discussion on this latest forum too.

Or you can just get the better Z-foil Airplugs for the ones you already use. No problem.
Have fun :+1:


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@Richard.Dane uses the Apheta 3 with a Superline. So he can advise on the best settings and air plugs loading.


I use 100ohm Z foil and 1nF capacitance (I find it slightly improves sense of timing compared to no cap).


See post 1376 by Richard Dane. It seems to be the same.

Thank you very much.
Regards D

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