What was the last bit of gear you bought?

We have threads for one’s last CD or LP purchase, maybe it’s time to srtart one for bits of gear.

I’ll get things going with this – a sony PCM D-100 digital recorder (tapes in both DSD 2.8mHz and 192/24 LCPM), qwhich I bought on Thursday (12th). I have already used it twice for location recordings and I have to say, it is a truly excellent device, very well built, superb built-in mics, pretty easy to use and capable of making stunning-sounding recordings.

The only slight downside is the fact that the mics are super-sensitive, so the device needs to be used on a sturdy tripod or a good grip and a windshield if used outdoors (such as the reccommended Rycote kit I bought with the device).


Looking forward to your efforts recording ESE. Happy times I hope, not managed to get to her London gigs. Happy to buy online👍

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This Audiostore Prestige 3 is now just about a month old - I’ve not ripped with it yet but I’m impressed with the sound quality over my Qnap NAS.


very satisfied with my new toys, bought in August.



If I recall correctly the bit of gear I bought for my hifi was this, or rather two of them, last November:
33.2k resistors!
They were the final components for the upgrading of my Behringer DCX2496 active crossover, in which I replaced the analogue circuitry, regulators and clock.


Recent purchases.
One must keep up with maintaining.

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i had never had the courage to clean all the contacts . I know, i should. Wonder how many members here have done it.


A Synology DS218play.

As far as gear my most recent acquisition is a barely used 2018 SuperCap DR. As for accessories I bought the new isoAcoustics Delos turntable isolation platform.

282 and a 250dr, don’t expect anything else to be purchased this year

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Not counting a PowerLine for my UQ2 in the office, the last bit of gear I bought was the PMC Twenty5.23 back in 2016.

TBH, I tend to buy a whole system, make a few box changes to adjust it in the first 18 months and then just run with it for a decade until I then decide to buy the next full system.

I expect I will upgrade the speakers in the office system this year though. With kids, the main system gets about one track played every month :unamused: and the office is the new main system.

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Powerline help the UQ2? I may try it myself on my UQ1 just for fun using one from my main system.

I actually ordered the PL to go between the wall and power block on the main system. But I was under preassure to finish that up and move the racks so ended up with a different cable there in a configuration that allows no changing of cables round the back once racks are in place.

The PL then arrived and shoving it on the UQ2 was the only thing I could do with it. Honestly, I was expecting zero improvement since gear generally needs to be very sensitive to get benefits from such tweaks. I was pleasantly surprised. Not sure if the difference was worth a new Power Line or not but improved noise floor was apparent even on my dirt cheap Qacoustics 3010 speakers. It was a nice unexpected surprise.

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Sonneteer Orton, last month.

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Milty record cleaning brush to replace my other one after years of use. :sunglasses:


Musicworks reflex G3 power block.


does it improve the sound vs your ex butcher block?

Neat Motive SE2. Great with Naim kit. Took one hell of a time to run-in but now sounding really good.