What was the last CD you bought


This should give people the possibility to post new music they bought on CD. Obviously it would also be nice if people indicate why or what makes the CD interesting…


This is a very interesting trio with veterans in jazz. The interplay is different then the average trio



Same trio other album…





I heard this on Paradise Radio … interesting music a bit like a harp.


I saw a programme on Top Of The Pops from 1987 (an introduction to the year) where they had a segment on Terribly Trendy D’Arby, sorry, Terence Trent D’Arby which inspired me to (30 years late) to buy “The Hardline According To…”.

Pity. I knew I didn’t like him at the time, hoped that would have changed. I found I still don’t, apart from a couple of the singles.



Some old ‘solo’ Alvin Lee that I’m replacing.






Rediscovered this guy through a comment on Facebook.
Wonderful guitarist.



_"This amazing eight disc collection is the ultimate anthology featuring the very best of AC/DC broadcasting live on air during the Bon Scott era.
These ten digitally re-mastered concerts encompass a New Year’s Eve broadcast from Melbourne in December 1974 when the band were still relative unknowns; a previously unreleased broadcast from the Hippodrome, Golders Green in October 1977 - the last U.S. radio broadcast with Bon Scott in October 1979 - and a late 1979 broadcast from the Hammersmith Odeon only weeks before the tragic death of this incredible singer".


Bach 333 CD Box. Beautiful. It includes 3 books covering history, music and Bach 333 CD Box. Very fine. In addition to 222 CDs, it includes 3 books covering history, music and catalog. I just went to to the store to pick it up. Usually this boxes contain CDs of different qualities but I consider them very useful as reference specially when you like an artist a lot.


Congratulations, must be an amazing box. I didn’t do it, and might never do it, as I fear there are too many doubles and as I am not so much into Bach vocal work…


I have a few CDs by Toumani Diabate and enjoy them very much, but not this one, so I must investigate


A beautiful album from Africa featuring the Kora


Because it is one I hadn’t got (and it was cheap)

Not so cheap, but I like his music …


came to Mr Hawley late, gradually collecting all his albums, superb


3disc bargain and superb sound