What was the last CD you bought

My favourite TD album by far.

I think it’s their most soulful and haunting recording, especially 3am at the Border of the Marsh from Okeefenokee.

The title track is pretty powerful too.

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Sums ‘Stratosfear’ up perfectly for me!

Bought this cd after it was recommended in Record Review on BBC Radio 3. The usual excellent Chandos sound. Enjoyed the 4 Sea Interludes especially ‘Dawn’. It is a pity that Britten didn’t compose more symphonies when you hear the beauty of the Sea Interludes.


Just ordered via Discogs


Stanislav Bunin - Chopin Recital (1987). A bit of a turn up today. I found this and some other DG recordings plus some EMI (Japan) recordings of Stanislav Bunin playing Chopin and Bach at a local charity shop. I had not heard of this pianist before.

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This passed me by first time around

Elbow - Giants Of All Sizes

Picked it up for £3.50 from the big river so a bit of a bargain


Not quite a CD, but a hybrid SACD/24-192 Blu-ray double disc set of Norwegian piano music:


Tony Joe White | Rain Crow | Lake Placid Blues | Hoodoo
The first from Discogs and the other two from eBay


The sticker should mention: “formerly Talk-Talk”…

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble | Live Alive | eBay


Beat up old case but the cd and the music it contains are excellent. Bargain! I’m gradually building up my Jackie Leven collection across vinyl (as these are released) and cd. No sign of a duff one yet.


Excellent choice, my wife subscribed to the “Cooking Vinyl” record label back in the day so we acquired all of Jackie’s recordings and saw him live many times. Tremendous singer and writer, much missed……enjoy!


I’m envious of both your collection and your seeing him live. I’ve only relatively recently come across his music, sadly. I’ve watched some YouTube videos of him performing live and he seemed to be a great raconteur as well as a great musician.

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I just had a look at our collection, there are 24 Jackie Leven CD’s and three “Sir Vincent Lone” albums a name Jackie also released under . He was prolific, the story is that the owner of “Cooking Vinyl” his record label couldn’t keep up with Jackie’s request for a new album every few months but he did agree to him using the Lone persona hence the additional releases. There are also a few collaborations as well, sadly we don’t have any vinyl. Although there was a vinyl compilation released recently.


Thanks for investigating for me. I’ve a way to go yet then! My husband bought me the vinyl version of ‘ Straight Outta Caledonia’ when it eventually came out and I’ve a preorder in for the next one which has also been delayed several times. It’s fun searching out the old cds though.

Good luck with the search, I’ll investigate the vinyl, and then there Jackie’s old band “Doll By Doll”…but that’s another story!

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John Zorn 0’o
For the wonderful Little Bittern

Not up to the electrifying live performance as posted by @JimDog, but still sweet.


(21 CD)


AK certainly reaches for those notes and what a tone!