What was the last CD you bought

Blue Afternoon has been on my hit list for an age. So happy to have found it at last.

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Yes. But now I have put that right. :grinning:

I’m looking forward to listening to it. I don’t really know her music.

I find you can’t really go wrong with Richard Thompson. It’s one I didn’t have and am looking forward to hearing it.

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Another of the 1998 Beatles Japanese export box sets (JBCD1). This consists of the 1987 CDs of Please Please Me, With The Beatles, A Hard Day’s Night and Beatles For Sale. Also included: four glossy B&W photos and a copy of Mark Lewisohn’s book The Beatles Live! and a flexidisc. Set no.1255 of 2,000.


My absolute favourite album of MCC is Hometown Girl , it would go to the desert island with me

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It’s my third favourite :grinning:
After Rumor and Sigh and the live album ‘Celtschmerz’ :grinning:

They look great, and probably expensive :grin:

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From 2011, a 7-CD, 1 DVD box set on Storyville:




A trio of late Evanses, from 1974, 75 and 78:


John Mayall The first Generation
Most I’ve ever spent on an ‘individual’ music item. Rather like my team, It’s massive :grin:


On pre-order. 4 CD boxset.
Release 23 August.

The Reprise Years 1970-1973
Cherry Red


Have they taken payment in full up front, or payment at release time à la HMV and Amazon?

I’ve got a couple of Fanny LPs but they are exactly M or M- :upside_down_face:

Pre-ordered through Amazon…

I’m looking forward to hearing the CD’s vs my Fanny LP, which while not mint is very, very good - plus it’s signed by the band so it’s not going anywhere.

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Thanks Stevie. I went straight to the Cherry Red Site…

My copy of Mother’s Pride has a couple of nifty scratches on 1 side, but I bought it when one could buy “interesting” but a bit knackered stuff for 30p (in this case).

My Fanny and Fanny Hill look pretty decent, but may have groove damage rather than scratches: they have not been played for a good while.

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Yes, I’ll have to find my copy (the peril of not being alphabetical (it’s somewhere on the shelves. Too many records, lol) as I haven’t played it in awhile either.

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This is arriving today. Looking forward to giving it a spin… I was disappointed when they split after IV…

Black Country Communion: V


Didn’t know they were at it again.
I thought JB and GH fell out…egos and all that.
Glad they’re back. GH has probably the best rock vocal nowadays, along with Myles Kennedy.