What was the last concert / gig you attended?

Had a great concert last night with Hilary Hahn and the Finish Radio Symphony Orchestra. She played the Sibelius Violin Concerto and was in great form. The orchestra started with a choral of Lindbergh which didn’t attract me and closed the concert with Dvorak 9th…… I enjoyed the evening a lot and looking forward to the next one to come….


I went wild for her too. She has superstar presence and a voice to match. Fix It was a particular highlight for me. What an evening :smiley:


Fix It was my highlight as well. Might have had damp eyes :roll_eyes:

You romantic fool you.

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Porcupine Tree at Wembley Arena last Friday.

Absolutely stunning gig - up there with the best I’ve ever seen. Even my partner, who is not a fan of rock/metal really enjoyed the show. The band were incredibly tight, and Steven was in fine voice - remarkable considering it was the last show of a long tour. The sound was also excellent where we were sat - one of clearest sounding rock shows I’ve been too. Again, my non-audiophile partner commented that it sounded particularly good - hopefully other members of the audience appreciated the good sonics too. Wasn’t a fan of the venue though overall - quite dated, poor facilities, hugely expensive catering outlets. Would only return again for a gig I couldn’t see elsewhere.


Who was the conductor?
Hilary is great. I love her. She’s very good live.
She’ll be back in Chicago soon and playing Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto!~ I might attend if I could get a good seat…

We saw two of their performances this week at the Theatre Royal Norwich.
Mozart’s Requiem on Thursday night, of which they did a creditable job and La Boheme last night which was wonderful.
It’s great to see good touring companies bring quality opera out to areas without easy access to good quality professional performances. Bravo Glyndebourne tour 2022.


The conductor was Nicholas Collon, never have seen him before and wasn’t also not aware of him because of recordings I own. He did a good job, it was a nice Dvorak 9.


Berliner Philharmoniker/Petrenko

Mahler Symphony No.7

The performance was not tight as Haitink/CSO a few years back but certainly the band had that Berliner tones, scale and heft. The problem was that mid slower sections were not well organised missing tensions so he could not keep my attention all the way through. Mahler, as well as Bruckner, requires build up and good organisation this is why many think that Mahler program was longer than life!

The one thing Berliner nailed was tonality/colours of the Night Musik based on Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. You closes your eyes and so much rich hues and shading you see from what you hear.

Spotted Sarah Willis!

So Petrenko/Berrliner debut in Chicago was a bit of let down. I keep comparing it to Haitink/CSO performance which was so so beautiful yet much more compelling. I miss him but I was lucky to experience it.


How did he fair compared to Jakob Hrusa’s Dvorak 9?

BTW assuming that is you Kev - top review, nailed it!

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Thanks! (It was me)

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Two brilliant MCs and one DJ last week in Brum.

My teenage son’s first gig.

Kicking it way back to late 80s/early 90s with a heavy Beasties, Biz Markie tip.


One of those cold winter’s night when you question how good an idea it is to book for Nov 22nd only to experience one of those cathartic concerts that are why we go in the first place.

4 legends

Kevin Burke
Andy Irvine
Paul Brady
Donal Lunny



Simply Red in Cologne Last Sunday


Today I attended the Festival of St Cecilia at Westminster Abbey which is the biggest event in the calendar for the charity Help Musicians ( who I support). A fabulous service held in the sunlit glory of the Abbey and being there so soon after the Queen’s funeral made it even more special. Superb organ music and the singing was by the combined choirs of Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral and St Paul’s Cathedral so it was really something else. This year all the hymns and anthems were ones where the music was written by RVW. Help Musicians is a brilliant charity that supports musicians from all genres by funding further music studies, helping financially in times of crisis or sickness, providing support for musicians with mental health problems and in many other ways. Members of the forum already support musicians by buying vinyl, CDs and downloads but if you are buying a new black box then consider supporting Help Musicians. It will cost a tiny fraction of a new black box but will bring so much help to those musicians who enrich the lives of all of us on the forum.

PS There is a lunch after the service that you can go to and I ended up sitting next to the man who signed Queen and Iron Maiden to EMI so a fantastic lunch!


Joanne Shaw Taylor - Tonight

Row C seat 10; slap bang in front of where she’ll be standing😁


The Apex, very good acoustics.

Love actually in concert tonight. A showing of the film but backed by the Liverpool philharmonic orchestra. Unusual but excellent

The lady herself, who was on fine form this evening.
Bravo Joanne Shaw Taylor, a memorable gig…:heart: