What was the last concert / gig you attended?

Last night near Genoa: Dado Moroni, Eddie Gomez and Joe La Barbera playing Bill Evans


omg he’s still alive! :astonished:
Was Moroni any good?

Alive and quite lively! :muscle:
Yes, Moroni was good and full of taste.

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It’s the Bamberger Symphoniker, the normal house orchestra of this venue. The normal conductor is Jakob Hrusa, but as any orchestra they also have guest and other type of conductors.

Scott Matthews last night at St George’s Church Ramsgate in Kent.

It’s been a few years since Scott played Ramsgate. What a talent. @seakayaker I see you have been listening to Scott recently.

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Sparks - Manchester. Glorious.


Muti + CSO Pines of Rome

Divertimento in F Major, K. 138

Timpani Concerto No. 1

Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite I
Pines of Rome

Gladiator finale was majestic ( however the trumpet on the left missed TWO notes! ) but the best part for me was the lovely 3rd movement. He kept the slower tempo and let the melody linger. Ancient Airs and Dances were lovely as well. So expressive throughout. And he pulled out just beautiful mellow massed strings from the band. This showcased how composer’s orchestration skills. Pity that they only did the Suit I. I could have keep listening to the rest. Mozart’s Divertimento also was very good. Amased at knowing this was written when he was only 15! I normally do not like Muti’s Mozart but tonight I throughly enjoyed this short little piece. He kept it light and relatively rhythmic to keep the tune going with enough interest.

I would miss him when he leaves Chicago.

Interestingly Respighi actually premieered the Pines of Rome in Chicago at the Orchestra Hall in 1926.

This would have been an interesting concert with Respighi conducting and playing solo piano of his own concerto!

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Not the last concert attended but thought I would share. It was back in July 2012, in a field on a first nation reservation. Didn’t see Foreigner. Don’t think the venue survived the lockdowns. Shame


Skynyrd were always good value, even in their 2nd incarnation.

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Roger Waters - Birmingham NIA


Me too…amazing visuals and band energy…personally i don’t need a multi-millionaire rock star, who lives in the US, who benefits from the constant PF re-releases to tell me about capitolism, greed and everything else wrong with his simplistic view of the world.

But again …AMAZING show…and another bucket list gig ticked.


DM in Lyon (France) yesterday evening