What was the last concert / gig you attended?

Will do!

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Hue & Cry - Floral Pavilion, New Brighton.

Now touring as just the two brothers rather than full band, so the songs are now rather stripped back but Pat Kane’s voice remains strong. Very amusing interludes between songs, he’s quite an entertainer.


Marillion - Wolverhampton Halls Friday 24th November.

A great live band. They seem to get better every time I see them. Sound was spot on, venue much better since the refurbishment. Very much enjoyed the set and the whole band in top form.


Far From Saints, Guildford GLive yesterday. Beautiful harmonies from the combination of Kelly Jones (Stereophonics) and Patty Lynn. Sublime…


Michael Schenker. Fantastic.


Staatskapelle Berlin + Jakob Hrůša



Symphony No.3
Symphony No.1

Due to health reasons, Daniel Barenboim cancelled this program. (Yay!)

I very much enjoyed Hrůša’s Brahms programs tho it started with a bit of a hiccup. The concert opened with the Symphony 3 which the band was not quite together at the top of the 1st movement. But he managed to structure this piece with an excellent clarity and dynamic shading. This is not an easy piece to get through for many. What I did not realise was that this was the first time Hrůša actually worked with the Staaskapelle Berlin! so given a short notice he had as a stand-in for Barenboim, it showed he was more than a capable conductor.

Symphony 1 was, as I expected, exciting and as well albeit there was a bit of balance issues between a first fiddle and horn section. There was a lovely segment with solo violin in the 2nd movement but the horns were much too much loud competing with the violin. I did like the overall tone of this band. Warm and earthbound. Fleet of bass players were rockin’! Pacing was excellent as he picked up the timing as the movements progressed creating a momentum to the coda. I would have liked to hear him do this piece with the CSO some day.

It was so nice to see a talented young conductor! People seem to be very receptive, too. I will be missing a few gigs but back in Chicago to catch his Mahler 9 program with the CSO in June. He is making a lot or appearance in Chicago so maybe he might be a contender for the Music Director spot for the CSO.


Wonderful production of “We Will Rock You” at Giggleswick School last evening. Such a lot of talented young people having a blast.

The lad playing the part of Galileo was outstanding.

Mrs B was bopping along like crazy. Brought back fond memories of Knebworth 1986.


Very good concert of Dominique Fils-Aimé and Band in Zurich/Switzerland (Moods Club) on Tuesday. She is a wonderful artist. Her music casts a spell over me. Her Albums are very good audiophile recordings too (best match for Naim… via Qobuz or so…. enjoy)


Well, I was off to see Morrissey in about 6hrs but he’s just frickin CANCELLED…! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

‘Unforeseen logistical issues’ ….WTF !?


Living Colour and Extreme last night in Manchester. Good gig although the sound wasn’t great for the vocals for either band. Nuno is a guitar god!


Saw yesterday Herrewege with Mozart’s Haffner Symphony and the Requiem


Now that would be a box to tick - Vernon Reid on guitar?

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Miss Mike performed in “Raising the Roof”, an end of year performance from the Glass Ceiling Arts Collective. This was the end of year performance from 6 regional groups, held at the Aotea Centre in Auckland. Really nice to see everyone come together and celebrate. She joine the local group to check it out a few months ago, and here we are :sunglasses:


Fantastic Mike. I hope you were all very proud.

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Yes, we are, thank you so much. Here’s a picture with more of the group:


Looks wonderful - well done to all

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Beats a Naim T-shirt and they look to be having a lot of

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Saw them a couple of times back in the late 80s / early 90s. One of the best live bands I’ve seen.

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More Vooduu Family goodness last Wednesday night (slow post, been busy):

Mama Sutra clelebrating the release of their first single, Wild Child (not The Doors one!) in Stone Nest, Shaftesbury Ave…nice little industrial cellar venue.

Sheena, Jackson and Noel from Ese and The Vooduu People, with Anna Chai, sax, Pharoah on drums & other friends in a burnin’ funkjazzlatin mashup that was well-and-loudly received from a packed young crowd, which was good to see…Sheena is a little rocket - what a voice!

Ese guested on vocals for a couple of tracks. The perfect vocal Sisterhood. A great night for us Vooduu People!

(A young man rushed up to me at the bar and begged a selfie as he reckoned I was the ‘dead spit’ of Steve Vai…lol. I had to google to see what he looked like!)