What was the last concert / gig you attended?

Saw Cave In last night on their first ever Aussie tour. A short set relatively speaking as they were supporting The Ocean but as I was only there for the former I left after they finished up. Real shame they couldn’t do a stand alone show like they did in Melbourne as there’s so many songs I would have loved to have heard live. It’s honestly insulting that a band as fantastic and influential as they are were relegated to second-fiddle. Sigh. At least they knocked it out of the park with the limited time they had.


Bankside Festival yesterday evening at Flat Iron Square near Borough Market, with the Vooduu Family. Serenaded, natch by
Ese And The Vooduu People

Due to some life stuff it was my first EVP gig in seemingly ages and, man, was it ever a restorative…
Post-gig celebrations with the Family consisting of a, ahem, number of cocktails ended the evening very nicely!


Worryingly, Robin has cancelled his US tour in the autumn because he needs to have some sort of surgery. Good news is that he appeared in top form at Southampton, and indeed there is a video on yootoob of the complete show the following night at Islington (goggle for “Robin Trower 2024”, and you’ll find it). Comment from that show, “And that’s how you play a Strat!”

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@steviebee and anyone else interested – stelist was as follows:

  1. Intro
  2. Conjuring Vooduu
  3. Up In Smoke
  4. How To Spot A Sociopath
  5. Home Is Where The Hatred Is
  6. You Can Run But You Can’t Hide
  7. Something Old…
  8. Sweet Jean
  9. Keep On
  10. Dynamite
  11. Pain Fades
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The Who’s Tommy on Broadway (New York City). Just a FABULOUS show and a very nice update to the original version I saw several times in the 1990s.

Tommy Age 4 | Tommy | Tommy Age 10

L to R: Cousin Kevin, Capt. Walker, Tommy, Mrs. Walker, Uncle Ernie


AC/DC in Amsterdam on June 5th!


How was it?

The concert was very good. I heard some complaints from people about the poor sound quality but at the front row the sound was good (and loud!).

I have seen all the concerts of AC/DC in the Netherlands the past 34 years and I was surprised in a positive manner that these old fellows are in good shape and still play with the same enthousiasm.,

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That’s good to know. They aren’t heading over to Canada anytime soon so I guess I have probably seen them for the last time but it is nice to know they still put on a good show. I was very pleasantly surprised how much I liked the PWR/UP album.

Hi Steviebee - Thanks for posting the Bankside festival Mrs P and I really enjoyed Els and the Voodoo people it was great evening and the couple dancing shows the great vibe! - Richard


Ese is playing at Crazy Coqs cabaret (off Piccadilly Circus) on June 20th, Richard. It’d be great to see you if you’re both free!
(Ticketed, I don’t know if available on the door). @TheKevster may know…


Really glad you enjoyed Bankside! That dancing couple were so sweet, wish I’d got a better photo of them.
Ese loved it and it showed!

PS Forgot to welcome you to the Forum!

Halloooo! Welcome on board :wave::wave::wave:


@Plot140 @steviebee - there may be tickets on the door on the night but the venue is quite small so you could be taking a chance!

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Thanks for the welcome, I been a long time admirer of the forum and all the great posts as you may note unfortunately I currently don’t have any Naim equipment. Maybe one day!
If we can make it next Thursday into town I’ll see you at Crazy Coqs- Richard


Hopefully see you there Richard.
I’ll be that greying guy with lots of silver rings, bracelets & one earring and skinny (someone told me at a gig I looked like an old Steve Vai, lol. I had to look up his picture…) , my wife has purple :purple_heart: hair and looks much better than me.

@TheKevster - our tickets are bought! See you there too if you’re not at the Euro’s.

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Screening of the 1930s silent movie “Diary of a Lost Girl” at the Centre for Early Music in York, this evening. Accompanied by improvised piano music performed by the raga and jazz pianist Utsav Lal.
Remarkable musicianship playing for 1 hour 40 minutes of the entire film.

Absolutely enthralling. We didn’t know what to expect when we booked. A fascinating experience, both being engrossed in the film and forgetting at times the pianist was sitting less than 5 yards from me. And then looking away from the screen to watch his playing.


A Nice concert with Jorg Widmann - first with clarinet and later as conductor.

Weber Clarinet Concerto
Korngold Serenade
Mozart 40th Symphony


Never heard of him. Which orchestra is he associated with?

Saw SS last year, great musician and communicator​:+1::+1:

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He is not fixed related I belief, now he was conducting the Bamberger Symphoniker, or members off……

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High Fade at hootenanny in Brixton last night. Complete with a Derek Smalls look a likely on bass guitar…