What would you choose for a final set up

Hi All
I’m new here, this in my first topic…
In an ideal final set up (id est: no further addicion, at least in next 2-3 years…), what would you choose and why:
b) Cd5 SI (new) or CD5 XS (used)
for use in near field listening, in a small room.
Loudspeakers: Neat Iota or Harbeth PS3
Thanks in advice

I’d swap my 252 for a 552 and if I could afford it I’d like to see how much better (if at all) Kudos 808 are compared to my Briks. In the future, downsized, a Nait2 in front of my IBLs would keep me happy.

Hi Diego, welcome!
In my opinion:
a) SN3 with no doubt: if the alternative was SN3 or XS3 + HiCap XS well, we could discuss…
b) I have a CD5SI and I’m very happy, but if the used CD5XS is in good condition and with warranty I’d choose it.

I have/ have had both the cd5si and the cd5xs. The si is good, the xs better. I bought the xs to use its spdif into my ndx2/xpsdr. Which is better still.

I’d look for SN2 rather than SN3 if you don’t need the phono input and use the money saved to fund a nDAC to go with the CD5XS. A CD5XS/nDAC combo is a source worthy of a SuperNait.

And then there’s always streaming …


I would be happier with the SN3 set up and ProAcs / Spendors 4/5 and a few others than P3ESR,

Now I have P3ESR with a Nova, it ‘s not an ideal marriage , good but not great to get the best out of the P3ESR you need a 200/202 combo or above

The P3ESR , like the L3/5 need oodles of power.

I am not being critical of the P3ESR as they are lovely speakers, just not an ideal match with some of the Naim integrated or Uniti range.

So, I can conclude that SN3, in any case, is better than XS3 + Flatcap.
No surprise.
Never nothing new under the sun!
Thank you for replies.
I continue to monitor the situation and keep an eye on it.

Near field listening in small room? Atom and Proac Tablette 10’s

I’d suggest that neither of the CD players is really good enough for the Supernait 3. If that’s the sort of player you are looking at, a Nait XS or even Nait 5si would be a better match.

I have a Supernait 3 with the excellent ProAc Tablette 10 Signature speakers, and use them with a pretty good source. A nice used CDX2 would be a good match, and could be improved later with the addition of a power supply.


I would recommend the SN3 with a ND5 XS. Forget the CD player and rip all your CD’s to a NAS and play them via the ND5 XS which also opens up the opportunity to explore music via internet radio and/or Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, or …

For speakers the ProAc Tablet 10 speakers mentioned above or ProAc D2R’s besides the ones you mentioned would work well.



For happiness, match the CD player with the amplifier from the same range. From the information you provide, this means CD5XS with FCXS and Nait XS3.

Then choose loudspeakers which match your amplifier, your room and your pocket. (I would have a close look at those offered by Q Acoustics as well as the Iotas, but not the small Harbeths which need space imo)

Get a rack so that you are not stacking the units one on top of the other.

Lots of us here swear by Naca5 speaker wires, the wires that Naim’s designers and engineers used when they designed the amplifiers you are interested in.

You are now set for life and will have no need to ask about anything on the forum ever again :-))

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Easy - SN3 and CD5XS - simple

Later on find an nDAC

Neat Speakers are a great combo with Naim gear


Agree with @Bevo
The above offers a great start. Really solid system.

If you fancy more, later, there are lots of future stages to consider and enjoy.
Add an nDAC to the CD5XS
Then, add a PSU, (like XPS) on to nDAC
Add a Hi-Cap to the SN3…

Make sure to select speakers that work in your room. Home audition is key.

So, a great solution that is good for several years.
Also, lots of options to tinker and explore for fun, into the future.

Good luck on your Hi-Fi journey.

Best wishes

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If you were to go for a CD5XS with Nait XS3 and FCXS you would need another Snaic 5 and a Snaic 4 too, assuming you wish to power both items from the FCXS.

Some products just punch above their weight. One such is the CD5XS made sweet sweet music very analogue, combined with a SN2 or 3, what a system.



LindsayM, you wrote: “Some products just punch above their weight. One such is the CD5XS made sweet sweet music very analogue, combined with a SN2 or 3, what a system”

But it was discontinued! As also a DAC (no streamer). It’s just a pity. In the next future, will be there new products in these area?

That’s true. But, the point is: a Supernait 3 (without any addiction…) sounds better or not than XS3+Flatcap?

I cannot answer that question, only you can. But consider first the systems in which the amplifier choices are placed.

For instance, I would be wary of matching a CD5si (one of your options) with a SN3 when an alternative system (of your published options) could consist of CD5XS, Nait XS3 and FCXS.

should even sound the same, honestly I cannot know, consider the chances of further upgrades of SN3 compared to those of XS3 + FCXS.


Kinda creepy thread title. I was thinking above ground as a Final Place or cremation.