What's up with Internet Radio?

My Atom has suddenly stopped accessing any Internet Radio station. I’m in the UK.

I’ve done the ‘switch it off/on again’ routine for both it and my router but still no joy. I have the app running in an Android emulator on my Windows 10 PC and connect via the router’s wi-fi. I can still talk to the Atom that way to play local music from my music server and a USB disk plugged into the Atom i.e. internal LAN comms seem fine.

Is there a problem with the service that the Atom uses to access Internet radio?


Check this

Thanks for that. At least it’s not just me! I was afraid that an expensive part had decided to die just in time for Xmas!!


Same issue for me thismorning with my Uniti Star. Very frustrating. Could you keep us posted for any updates. Cheers and Merry Xmas

Same here with my Uniti Nova in the Netherlands …

Same here in uk. Three MuSo and one ndx2, none of which can get anything on iradio. Have rebooted router and naim devices, no change.

In italy no radio internet. 25/12/23?h. 10,20

Merry Christmas to all. Same thing here. My internet radio died. Tidal works perfectly (thankfully).