Vtuner down

Nah - down in NZ (again)
Can Chromecast the stations though…

I don’t think it has sprung to life. I did get a sort of iradio screen but it didn’t connect to anything.

Nothing playing on the vtuner.com website, so another service issue for the provider.

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Not working here either (uk). ND555 working for qobuz but not internet radio currently.

I got 5Live Sports Extra pop up and assumed the silence was because there was no broadcast.

Hi all,

Vtuner, my fav subject…

Looks like the server went down at 17:55 UK and also the image cdn under radio456 domain name.

Have written to Vtuner on the subject informing them of the system down status.




Yes. No internet radio in Norfolk UK. Vtuner down?

Down in Ontario, Canada.

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Still down 6:45am Christmas Day. C’mon Vtuner your greatest present would be your presence!!

Location UK.

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Down in Singapore😳

It’s not working in London. I just reset the app and everything. Thought it was my end. Wish I’d looked here first would have saved some bother.


The Naim’s Choice selection seems to work though (Naim Radio, FIP, Radio Paradise etc.) but not anything else.

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!
Thank you for your response on Christmas Day @Stevesky :clap: :clap:

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Happy Christmas everyone. But sadly still no music from our favourite radio stations. Any chance of an update on progress to recover vTuner?

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Down in the Netherlands.
No information from naim.

On the contrary - see Steve’s post above.

Even the Naïm channels do not work !

In italy NO radio internet today 25/12/23 h. 09,30

After 12+ hrs vTuner still down …. What kind of company is this?

No service level at all - thousands of frustrated listeners esp. on Christmas eve … unbelievable and disappointing.

Any recommendations from naim for alternatives? Naim seems to have chosen the wrong partner for internet radio …


Pff I thought it was my device, still lots of other possibilities for music, merry Christmas to you all!

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