What's your top reference track - & Why?


Supertramp: Brother Where You Bound - Cannonballimage


The Blue Nile :A Walk Across The Rooftops - Tinsel Town In The Rain


Might have been a better idea to actually name the track in question, rather than keep folks on the dark!

It’s “Am I Wrong?” from the aforementioned album.

Sorry! :roll_eyes:


Three O’Clock Blues by Clapton and BB King. Nice tonality, great music. The soundstage can get a bit stuck to the 2 speakers as the swtich across…


This track has a great variety of sounds and a great soundstage for testing any changes to my system


Used to be Black Cow, now I’ve over-played it.
Amused to Death is really good.
Whole Lotta Love (I have a decent early LZ2), Zappa’s apostrophe, Fragile…Songs from the Wood
Miles…maybe Jack Johnson, cause I don’t want to get Kind of Blue overplayed…or Kilimanjaro


Yes, lovely tracks - there is a tension between not wanting to waste your enjoyment of the really great music on AB SQ listening tests - which are in the end focussed on technical reproduction issues rather than relasing yourself in immersion in the music - but also you need to enjoy the tracks otherwise you are less likely to engage with the test.


Not listened to this in an age. Recall it being a demo track at the Old Sound Organisation at Borough Market with Roger and Hamish … those good old days


Fond memories of walking over London Bridge from the City with a stack of LPs must have been the 80’s to use their Keith Monks cleaning machine at 50p a record which included a new dust sleeve. Those old days indeed…


Captain Fantastic, the title track. Good for assessing if it feels like the band are playing together and off each other (although I’ve no idea if they actually recorded it live).


Advice on new 2 box system?

I loved that album when it first came out.
Must give it a spin/click again…


Dire Straits, Your Latest Trick.
Bruce Hornsby and the Range , I will walk with you.


Any of the versions of “Slug Bait” or “Maggot Death” on this album :sunglasses: