Which 0% beer are you drinking and why might someone else enjoy it?

As a seasoned “beer enthusiast” I have been turning more and more to 0% options for the last year or so. Some I find are way off the mark - just fizzy water (Bud), or too sweet (San Miguel). So far I have found the Peroni option to be the most enjoyable. What are you drinking?

Ones I like are Infinite Session IPA, Lucky Saint and Beavertown Lazer Crush.


I think the Guineas is pretty good or fir something hoppy, Brew Dog do a tasty one and Adnams ghost ship is nice too.

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I’ve only tried one 0% beer and have found it pretty good.

We have a Rogers Warehouse locally which sells short dated and out of date food and drink at heavily reduced prices. Before Christmas we popped in and they had 12 bottles of this stuff, best before end of March 2023 - 12 bottles for £3 so it seemed rude not to! Full price it’s £24 for a 12 pack.

To my untrained pallette it tastes just like normal lager. I liked it enough to go back and get some more.


To each his own, and I respect people’s choices. But, a 0% beer to me is like a cheeseburger with no cheese. :smiley:


I normally drink water if I want alcohol free. I tend to view 0% beer in much the same way I view sugary drinks, that they are best avoided most of the time.


I like the 0% Guinness, which surprised me. I also found an excellent alcohol free stout from a local (Ilkley) brewery. Maybe stout works well alc free as it has more inherent flavour?

The Erdinger alcohol free wheat beer is nice enough. Most of the bottled lager stuff seems too gassy, thin and ‘chemical’ tasting. A lot of people rave about Adnams Ghost ship but didn’t do it for me. YMMV

I like beer but alcohol doesn’t like me. I am delighted to see so many alcohol free options and generally improving flavours.



0% Guinness is really good; I was very dubious but it was then recommended to me by one of the East Pointers, who are a great band from Quebec. If it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me. Of the others, Ghost Ship is ok too.


Another vote for Ghost Ship. Plus Brewdog Punk AF and Nanny State & Shipyard low tide. All are better than most of the sugar puff tasting beers from the big brewers


I’ve tried a few- Lucky Saint,Alkohol frei Paulaner and Erdinger Weissbeer all do the trick for me.

I don’t recommend this.

Bruce has referred above to an Erdinger wheat beer. I haven’t come across that, but my local pub keeps Erdinger alcohol-free lager style beer for me. It’s excellent.

Adams Ale.


I enjoy many alcoholic beverages, but alcohol doesn’t like me either. I’m happy to hear that de-alcoholised beer is improving, as in the future it will be a mainstay for me.
I still drink at the mo, but I’ll be cutting back over the next few years to the odd nip of Jameson’s, an occasional bottle from my wine collection, and as much 0% beer as I want …

Good luck with that, David. It’s not all bad!

Give Erdinger a try, to see what you might be drinking soon.

I think/hope that you’ll be (pleasantly) surprised. It’s so much better than that cats’ pee Kaliber that Guinness tried to foist on an unsuspecting world some years back.

Doom Bar Zero – someone else might enjoy this but I found it repulsive. The aftertaste is horrid, so much so that I e-mailed the brewers (more chemical scientists?) to ask if something could be awry e.g. bad storage – but, no, the other bad reviews I’ve since read are spot on.

Ghost Ship is my favourite too. I also like St Peter’s Without and Leffe blond 0% is an enjoyable Belgian beer that started me on alcohol free beers. I quite enjoy the 0% Guinness, appreciating the mechanism by which they get a head from the beer in a can, but it isn’t really like proper Guinness at all!

I don’t find Doom Bar zero that bad, but I notice I don’t actually choose it to drink although I have had a couple of bottles in the bottom of the drinks fridge for a few months.


Having tried an failed to hold down many 0% beers, this is the only one I can stand. And it is great.

Their secret, according to a documentary I saw, is to not focus on trying to simulate an alcoholic beer at all for the primary goal. Try and make a superb drink first. Resemblance to real beer second.

Same here generall, however on occasion I’ve really wanted a beer but for whatever reason not alcohol or not any more alcohol (e.g. I may be driving). My beer of choice being hoppy and on the dry and light side, often IPA, the couple I’ve tasted were distinctly unpleasant. Lager style seems easier for them to get the taste closer to right. Being few and far between I don’t recall brands other than one, Brew Dog’s Nanny State, which I didn’t like at all.

I will study this thread with interest. What would be most interesting would be if people could also name the normal beer of choice they drink and compare the alcohol-free to them.

More like a cheeseburger with no burger