Which CD player or transport would you add…

…to a fully Naim steaming rig?

My system is centred around an NDX2/XPSDR with the amping supplied by olive ‘82/250 into passive SBLs

However I am thinking of adding a CDp.

I don’t want to spend sh*tloads, and have a mid-90s CD3 I could use if desperate, but was wondering what, in your opinion, would be the best option for a reasonably priced CDp?

Audiolab CDT is the way I’m thinking. Either the 6000 or 9000 if you’re feeling like spending a bit more.


I’ve just purchased in the last week a Roksan Attessa CDT.

It partners with my RA streaming amp. It sounds as good as streams of the same albums, to my ears at least.

Mine was ex demo from a dealer.

I have been using the Audiolab CDT6000 very happily for a couple of years without feeling a strong urge to upgrade. I haven’t heard the 9000 yet though!


Cheers folks! The Audiolab seems to get a lot of love. Interesting ‘cos I was going towards a pre-loved CDX

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Try the Naim CD5XS if you can find one

I now have mine connected into the NDX2 (dac) which is connected to XPS-2

All sounds pretty good

Not easy to fine though, those that have one tend to hang onto them , they are great value if you can source one

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I have an 82, 2 x 135 system and have had various CD players from Naim including CD5Si, CDS2 and CDS3. I have sold them all and bought a CDS2 again, which needs a power supply. Tbf I picked it up at a very reasonable price. I have an NDS and 555PS and could have gone down CD transport route. However I love the sound of the CDS2 which sounds like vinyl. I would say it sounds like an old LP12. Love it.

A more neutral sounding Audiolab CDT maybe better financially but I love the Olive character.

And I was looking at the new Audiolab CDT and Cyrus CDT as contenders.


The CD5 XS seem quite pricey, and I’m guessing that one is bypassing much of the internal electronics in order to pass the heavy lifting onto the NDX2?

I completely agree on the CDS2 being a delight and reminiscent at the margin of a high-spec LP12. Mind you, when my mech finally dies, I will probably get an Audiolab (like others here have done) or just rip to a Core.


Thanks Dan, not sure how an extra two boxes will go down with the aesthetic police…


Yes the CD5XS might seem a little pricy ( not up with used prices , but I’ll never sell mine ) I regard it highly

Mate of mine has the audiolab CT 6000 and it’s ok and good value

If you don’t want to spend a lot then probably audiolab I guess

Thanks Bevo. I’ve sunk a chunk of money into my rig so, up to a point, I’d prefer to stick with Naim gear and I’d like to buy the best that I can afford so your recommendation of the CD5XS is valuable, especially as you value it so highly

If you want ‘the best’, imho for now that still means an old CDS2 (if you can take a bit of character) or a CD 555 (if you want to pay more for extra neutrality). Not that a CD5XS is bad…

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Hi @Biggsy Another recommendation of the CD5XS from me, at least if you want a CD transport. I used it with nDAC/XPS as my main source for several years and very good it was, too. It was my first Naim purchase and is still in the rack.


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Agree PeakMan

Before I purchased the NDX2 I was using the CD5XS with the nDAC and XPS- 2

It was a really great combo

The way it’s worked out now the nDAC will be used with my Naim Core in another location with my wonderful chrome bumper amp gear

Biggsy keep the faith with Naim only


I am building a headphone system and have recently purchased a Audiolab cdt 9000 to play into a Chord Hugo tt2.

I have owned 2 Naim CD players and honestly this combination is seriously good.



Agree with you and Dan also Nick

The olive CDS2 with XPS is also a great option with Biggsy’s other olive gear

I was just thinking that Biggsy is looking to build his system around the NDX2 going forward

Somewhere in another thread the Naim guy gave a list of current CD lasers left in supply I think it said

Not really happy reading but I think it mentioned it was all good for the CDS2


Another happy CD5XS owner here @Biggsy. Reckon I might have to ask your advice on streamer boxes to add to my set in another ten years or so. I’m the cautious type and I want to see if it catches on first.

Seriously, I hope it works out, whichever player you choose.

Does the NDX2 have a digital input?

Currently have a CDX, but that may need to be relocated to my wife’s setup if her CD3.5 does finally fail.

So I’m contemplating a CD5 XS and using the digital out into my nDAC.

CD5XS into nDAC is match made in heaven for sure

When I got the NDX2 and using the XPS2 I ran the CD5XS/nDAC combo by itself , it’s excellent and I was use to having that combo with the nDAC into the XPS2

I reckon the CD5XS is an absolute bargain even just using it by itself

Pity it’s not in production today