Which configuration is a 5pin DIN 180 degree to stereo XLR for?


May I ask which configuration requires a 5pin DIN 180 degree to stereo XLR (one XLR interface only)? I believe my friend has ordered a wrong one but just curious how I can reuse it. Could anyone advise please? Thank you in advance.

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That would be a very odd cable, only use I can think of would be for a streamer with volume control (NDX2?) straight into a NAP250. But others may come up with something else.

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Yes, it is. It’s a Naim cable that I’ve never seen. Connecting a streamer with variable volume control to NAP250 makes sense to me. Many thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.


Naim DIN5 (180) - XLR lead. Thin black-sheathed 3 core cable, DIN5 (180) at source end, Naim Cannon XLR at other end. Used for connecting the pre-out of a Naim n-Vi to a Naim NAP250 power amp. Length 1.0m



Good find - that’s it. I had that same cable to connect my n-Vi to my 250, before a 282 came into the mix. Then it was a replaced by a standard DIN5 interconnect into the 282 AV input.

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Yes, it is. Thank you very much Suedkiez. It’s very helpful. Much appreciated. I believe I cannot use it then.

It still could be used as suggested (if you have a 250) with a Naim streamer using the variable volume control option as the DIN5 plug is wired to the standard Naim source output configuration.

Care needs to be taken if using the streamers in this mode to ensure variable output is definitely enabled. Others who have tried this approach with a Naim power amp seem to prefer a Naim preamp being in the loop, not surprising given the Naim pre-power design ethos.

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