Which DIN to RCA

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I’m looking for a DIN to RCA to connect a DAC to an XS integrated. I have seen these recommended here:
flashbacksales 2-x-phono-rca-plugs-naim-style-5-pin-latching-din-plug-performance-cable-
but I have come across these too which appear to be made of quality components: designacable naim-premium-aux-input-cable-5-pin-din-to-dual-phono-rca-cinche-mogami-coax
Does anyone have any thoughts on which would be worth getting (or alternatives for less than £50 or so)?

Thanks. Matthew

Hi Matthew, I’ve removed the sales links form your post - please don’t post commercial links to sales sites in the Hifi Corner. Thanks.

If looking for a great sounding interconnect for use with Naim that won’t cost a fortune then I would recommend the Naim lavender/grey RCA Phone to DIN interconnect, or else the Chord Chrysalis version of the same thing. The Naim i/c can be bought new, and the Chord regularly crops up secondhand (look for the later version with the later shiny Chord branded RCA Phonos). Chord also make more expensive alternatives, that you could investigate if you are adventurous.

The Naim phono to din cable costs £115 new. In the context of your system I think the extra £65 is well worthwhile.

Hi Matthew
I have purchased 1 din to rca and one din to 3.5mm headphone plug cables from flashback sales. One links my Leema phono preamp to my xs2 and the other to connect my Cyrus soundkey dac so I can to some very basic streaming- my main source is vinyl.
The build quality is high. The sales service excellent and in my system sounds great. Thoroughly recommended
Good luck!

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I previously used a Flashback DIN-RCA (non-locking) to connect CD player to XS2 and was very pleased. The only reason I don’t use it anymore is source is now exclusively streaming, making CD player redundant.

Are talking about RCA to Din, or DIN to RCA given that many cables are directional?
Almost got caught out when I needed to connect my CD5si to my RCA pre amp.

Thanks for the thoughts everyone.

I was not actually aware that Naim produced such a cable, so I’ll look into this, thanks.

And yes, I am looking for RCA to DIN. I was not aware that these cables are directional, so thanks for pointing this out.


I have just bought a NDX 2 to connect to my McIntosh C2600 tube pre-amp and McIntosh MC 462 Amp. Is DIN to RCA a better option than a RCA to RCA interconnect? If yes, which DIN to RCA interconnect is recommended?

Yes, all else being equal, I would choose a DIN-RCA Phono over an RCA-RCA, mainly because you’ll still benefit from the DIN even when only at one end.

More info on why Naim prefer DINs can be read here:

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Thanks. Could you recommend a DIN to RCA cable? I suppose I would need a 5 pin 180 degree DIN. I heard about Chord UK interconnects but I don’t know which one to go for.

Lastly, my NDX 2 is barely a week old. How long do Naim components typically take to run in?

I like the Naim Hi-line very much with Naim digital sources (it’s what I use myself) and the DIN-RCA Phono is excellent. For more money the Naim SuperLumina is also worth investigating, if your budget stretches that far.

Naim kit typically can take a while to run-in, after a couple of weeks of constant use it should already be sounding very good, but be prepared for it to improve even further for weeks or even a few months further on.

I bought a short while ago off the 'bay a Dyson Audio RCA-DIN(4pin) for my UQ to 110. About $40 all in if I recall. Good build, and sounds fine after a bit of break-in. I’ve used Flashback before as well and they are fine. If you want to spend a bit more, I would also look at what Witch Hat has to offer.

I use flashback cables from my phonostage to the 82. They are gold plated and to my eyes they are well made and sound great.

Reasonably priced and designed for Naim.

To be honest I haven’t tried anything else, so cannot give you a comparison.

When I bought them my priorities were quality at a reasonable price.


I can certainly echo that the sales advice and assistance from Flashback Sales is very very good. Highly recommended and the cable is sent to you quickly.


Same experience here. Definitely recommended

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Thanks a lot for the replies. I have ordered a Naim Hi Line DIN to RCA and expect to receive it next week. Hopefully, it will result in the expected sonic improvements.

Hopefully you ordered an RCA to DIN, rather than a DIN to RCA…

Richard, it’s a Din to RCA he needs. Don’t confuse him!

Ah yes, my apologies, I’m looking at the OP’s opening post and of course it’s a different member. Yes, Nigel you’re quite correct Bhupi will need a DIN-RCA.

And I’ll be getting my RCA to DIN! Most likely from Flashback